Yoshinori Kitase Talks Fabula Nova Crystallis, Confirms FF Type-0 Localization

Kitase talks Type-0 and Versus in a new interview.

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PshycoNinja2514d ago

"hard at work FINISHING Versus XIII"

Please God let this be true! Just please finish this game. I want to play this game!!!

DigitalRaptor2514d ago

This is true. There won't be anything of larger a priority at SE 1st Production Dept. than FF Versus XIII, right now.

belac092514d ago

i hope to god this is not a mistranslation.

Blaine2514d ago

I thought it had been confirmed until I recently read on IGN that it wasn't... That ruined my day! But this news brings my hopes up. Isn't a concrete confirmation, but it's something.

Now I'd like to know if it'll be available for my Go. I'll be pissed if it doesn't come to the PS Store. I STILL WANT CRYSIS CORE SQUEENIX. >:/

Blaine2514d ago

My bad... Crytek ruining my grammar! Pretty pathetic though that 99.99% of my posts are grammatically flawless, then someone immediately jumps at the one mistake I make--on a game title, of all things.

Get a life.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2514d ago

I was poking fun^^ Just think about how awesome CRYSIS CORE would be.

So it's like Crisis Core, but with Crysis graphics. CRYSIS CORE!

iamtehpwn2514d ago

Crisis Core has been out for like...4 years, dude. LOL

Blaine2514d ago

For Digital Distribution? I DON'T THINK SO.

execution172514d ago

i want the kingdom hearts birth by sleep to come to psn store but... it never came >.>

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