Top 10 Songs of the Year

Velocity Gamer: As part of our Game of the Year awards we are also focusing on other parts of a video game besides the game itself. We like to look deeper into these games. Yesterday we brought you the top 5 emotional moments this year. Today...

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WhiteLightning2977d ago

Really a MW3 song over Batmans and Skyrims main theme

What about Portal 2 aswell, they had a range of good songs, even "Want you Gone".

I think there was some better Uncharted 3 ones like "Atlantis of the Sands"

Wingsfan242977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Well, he said that they're not in any particular order. And some people just like listening to an epic soundtrack! Personally, I prefer the more ambient and emotional songs. Take this one, from Skyrim:

Skip_Bayless2977d ago

XV "Awesome" from the NBA 2k12 soundtrack!

MegaSackman2977d ago

I have not great complains about this list, but i cant believe there is no Deus Ex songs here.

Brownghost2977d ago

portal 2 has the best soundtrack overall and i love valve for making it free!

Tarantino_Life2977d ago

Where the hell is Deus Ex HR soundtracks. Each one is a masterpiece!

Relientk772977d ago

I really liked

10. Uncharted 3: Atlantis of the Sands

8. Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary: Installation 04

5. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Main Theme

2. Crysis 2: Insertion

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