TheParanoidGamer: How Nintendo can win the Next Generation

TheParanoidGamer writes: "Sales wise, Nintendo has dominated this generation of consoles. No competitor sold anywhere near as many systems as Nintendo’s little system that could. Unfortunately they did it at the expense of the core gamers and their recent sales numbers reflect that. Join me as I discuss how Nintendo can dominate sales and win back the core gamers in this next generation."

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ScubbaSteve2975d ago

This article is referring to 3rd party support and I'm not sure the Wii-U is any more likely to get it for technical reasons. Nintendo is hopefully not silly enough to repeat others mistakes and release an expensive console and I can only imagine how much the controller is going to add to the price tag. That doesn't mean it's going to be less powerful but if they're shooting for a ~300-400 dollar console that takes away from other things they could spend money on, mainly horsepower.

Now this article talks about getting in on multi-platforms like Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect, but i worry if they sacrifice power for the controller then it'll make 3rd party support infeasible. If the difference between power on the PC and Wii-U are vastly different like they are now with the Wii then I don't think it will be getting the support unless they absolutely crush the competition in all areas. In addition I don't think multi-platform games would even take advantage of all these controllers the Wii-U is suppose to support.

Either way it's all just speculation till you find out the price and specs.

Infernostew2975d ago

They'll get the initial 3rd party support from 360/PS3 ports. I doubt most devs will take the time to optimize games specifically for the WiiU. Once the Nextbox and PS4 launches then 3rd party devs will stray more and more from WiiU support just like this current gen.

ChickeyCantor2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

" but i worry if they sacrifice power for the controller"

Are you implying it's weaker?

" If the difference between power on the PC and Wii-U are vastly different like they are now with the Wii then I don't think it will be getting the support"

Developers actually love the console so far...

ScubbaSteve2975d ago

"Are you implying it's weaker?"

I'm not implying anything. I'm stating that if they want to make a console with a budget that is ~$350 and they spend $100 on a controller then that leaves $250 on hardware. Try not to put too many words in my mouth I am not saying it's going to be weaker I'm just concerned if the controller costs too much they may cut the budget in other areas.

"Developers actually love the console so far..."

It's easy to say that when they haven't put out any games. I'm not saying they wont love it, but that just sounds like what they always say before releasing something.

ChickeyCantor2975d ago

They have no reason to lie about it, they will only shoot themselves in the foot. The fact that they are saying it every generation is a good thing, isn't it? It means there is progress they are happy about.

ScubbaSteve2975d ago

I think you're being a bit too defensive for what is essentially just an analysis of what I hope to see from Nintendo. Developers saying they love something before putting out anything on the system really isn't a credible indication of support or things to come. The advertising departments do this all the time and just as one company puts out positive opinions you're bound to have the others spinning it negatively. I'm sure the Wii-U will be able to play the current catalog of games and probably the next iteration of ME and AC like mentioned in the article.

What I would like to see are the specs of the system and the controller which to my knowledge hasn't been disclosed, probably because they're still working on them. What I'm saying is if the controller is really expensive, which it might not, it might be the case that they skimp on the power of the unit. They could still release a powerful unit and expensive controller but that's going to drive the price up.

And in the context of the article and acquiring multi-platform games it just seems that an overly expensive controller wouldn't necessarily be used when the 3rd party companies have to make games compatible across multiple systems. In the end they can probably still get along without 3rd party support they did it this generation to some success. The company I think that really needs to capture third party support is Microsoft but that's an entirely different topic.

Anyways if you're just going to sit there and tell me it's going to be inexpensive, powerful, and have a state of the art controller I'll just nod my head and move on.

ChickeyCantor2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Not being defensive at all, just putting out a different perspective out there.

"Anyways if you're just going to sit there and tell me it's going to be inexpensive, powerful, and have a state of the art controller I'll just nod my head and move on."

It's been 5 years now since the last launch. It is very plausible for it to be powerful since hardware has gone down in price. ( also powerful compared to what? )

I never claimed it's going to be inexpensive. That's just you attaching strings.

I only asked if you were implying it's weaker, since the context wasn't clear in your comment.
Be honest here, you are far more defensive.

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2EHO2975d ago

For all of you that are concerned don't worry Wii U will be on point with PS4 and nextbox. Mark my words write it down or whatever you have to do. I said it on here first!

matey2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

First off Nintendo devs have made the highest reviewed games this gen on moderate hardware imagine what they will do on WiiU i can tell you Metroid/Zelda/MarioKart/Eterna l Darkness/F-Zero/Pikimin/Wave race/Donkey-Kong/Smash Bros/WiiU sports ect will all be there in 1st 18 months its a FACT all with 1080p native visuals and a more robust online than LIVE.

3rd Partys like EA/Valve want to bring there digital networks over to WiiU with EA trying to go exclusive shows huge interest in 3ds partys as EA boss has seen the specs recently then all of a sudden EA want exclusivity 4 WiiU to be the only place 4 there service means EA has faith in WiiU specs and gameplay oppotunities end of same with Valve.

Crytek have said its very powerful THQ said there WiiU games will be like the Blu-Ray editions as opposed to ps3 having the dvd version better visuals better resolution and much more content.

dbsg2974d ago

personally for me if the wii u can produce great graphics and stuff like that it wouldnt matter. Like looking at a game like uncharted the graphics are amazing and if graphics were like that on newer consoles i wouldnt mind. In fact i think that instead of just making consoles have better graphics they should focus on ram so that more things can be stuffed into the game.