Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 [Xbox360Cheats Opinion]

Xbox360Cheats says "The battle for FPS supremacy will never end, with generations of shooters battling it out over the years. From Wolfenstein and Counter-Strike in the 90’s, to Halo 2 and Counter-Strike: Source in the mid-noughties, the fact first person shooters are such a popular genre has always made things that much more interesting. Now that we’ve completed our reviews of both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, we thought it was time to pit the two latest contenders against each other, head-to-head."

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SignifiedSix2984d ago

Battlefield 3 is the better game. Fangirls will disagree :)

reynod2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

64 players, Vehicles, Jets, awesome graphics vs a rehash.

I think BF3 easily wins. Though personally i been going back to TF2 and L4d2 alot recently, dunno those 2 games are insanely fun to play.

DonaldBeck2983d ago

a dude i know only plays cod, i showed him battlefield 3 and he said it blew his mind away, everytime before i showed him the game he would say "mw3 is my the best dude" its just my type of game" but when he went on the map grand bazarr in bf3 its as if he had recieved a gift from god and he actually muttered the words "this game is better than mw3" and there ya have it, i converted a mw3 player to bf3.

and imo obviously bf3 OBLITERATES mw3.

reynod2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Well yes it does, unfortunately the masses only follow advertisements and only buy what their friends buy its a never ending cycle. Hopefully people will get bored of the age old COD formula.

04soldier2983d ago

Over the holidays...I let my coworker borrow my bf3 for a week. Out of that time he only played it once. He said it wasnt for him. :/

Guess you can bring a horse to water but you cant make him drink.

GarandShooter2983d ago

You may not be able to make that horse drink but you can drown that sonuvabitch! :)

GMWPS32983d ago

The sound is far, far better in Battlefield 3. It gives us more immersion, including weight to the different guns. I have both and prefer BF3 single player campaign more.

torchic2983d ago

just clicked on this article to comment and say that these Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 articles need to end.

Acadius2982d ago

I recently bought the Limited Edition Battlefield 3 at Best Buy for $29.99 on Black Friday (yeah, I got luck with the limited edition). Let me say that I have never played any of the Battlefield series and have been a vet of the COD franchise since 2007 and let me say that I was blown away by BF3 multiplayer. What I first noticed was that there wasn't any little brats yelling crap. Maybe it has something to do with the system. I bought BF3 for my PS3 where I have MW3 for my Xbox (yes, a person can own both systems and not implode).
BF3 is all about team work and not worrying about a k/d ratio that the real world doesn't care about. I still enjoy MW3 for its fast paced online matches but I applaud BF3 for catering toward the patient gamer that doesn't need to fallback on kill streaks.
This is merely my opinion and the the ramblings of a fanbot. A fanbot is one who doesn't form an opinion on his or her own and follows a product blindly.