PSU - Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review

Icons are aplenty in the gaming industry, and among Master Chief, Lara Croft, and Mario is the prodigious Solid Snake, who found his way to fame on the shoulders of acclaimed developer Hideo Kojima. Tactical espionage is not a genre that has much room for error, and the Metal Gear series most certainly hasn't had much competition within it. Indeed, the franchise has stood on its own among the giant titles of the gaming industry since its first 3D outing in 1998. Now it holds itself up as a relic in the newly released Metal Gear Solid HD Collection in hopes of enhancing the lives of more gamers than it already has. The heart of any MGS fanatic can only hope this Collection holds up to today's standards of gaming, since one of the featured titles hasn't touched a console in nearly a decade.

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rezzah2976d ago

Can't wait to play these games. Never got around to when I was younger because i never really understood it at the time, I just heard that it was a good game.

(off topic)
My cousin preordered the LE in-store and never got his copy. Why? because another consumer said their copy was not working so they gave him my cousins copy, and now there are no copies left. Doubtful they are getting more too.

LE are also sold out everywhere online and individuals who are selling it are placing the prices over $100.

Well hopefully my cousin will learn to preorder online from now on and avoid gamestop for their stupidity.

256bit2976d ago

lol you must be really little then. the stores can only hold a preorder item i think up to 24-48hrs after its release.

rezzah2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

You're right about that, I never asked him the time he went to pick it up and the time of release (which i don't know).

It could be his fault if he was wrong.


Well i'm not little now, I was then. Im 20, which is still young but old enough to know more about gaming compared to the amount I knew before. Also money limits held me back, and instead of the internet I, like many others, used monthly (or was it weekly?) magazines to learn about new releases.

256bit2976d ago

same thing. i used magazines as well. but i dont know if gamepro is still around that was my magazine to read everytime i went to the grocery store.

deno2976d ago

Growing up on metal gear has been great. I realy can't put into words how amazing the 90's were. No gaming era has offered so much in quality and quantity. God bless America!!!!!!