Superman vs Game Developers Are Dev's Afraid to take on The Man of Steel?

GamerFitNation's BlackBible write's about Developer's having trouble creating a good Superman game. Do you feel that game developer lack the skill or nerve to take on the Man of Steel? Do you feel that a good superman title is even possible? What kind of story you think will work for a Superman game? Share your thoughts leave a comment.

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Do you feel that a good superman title is even possible?

Tanir2543d ago

superman itself is boring, lame, ugly and un original. i mean ok he was original, but in the sense of a child just giving him invincible, dumb strong, fast, lame backstory (not counting smallville)

to make a game off of him would be equally lame. not to mention how would any enemy hurt him? if you make it open world is lex going to hand out kryptonite rings to ever thug on the street so that anyone can hurt superman? or maybe give superman krypto poisoning that hinders his abilities and he becomes full strength at the end?

its not easy to make a game off of someone who cantt die

FordGTGuy2543d ago

Superman can die and you seem to know nothing about Superman at all if you think his background is lame.

jadenkorri2543d ago

i have no idea why you got 2 disagrees... guess some people cant handle the truth.

Shackdaddy8362543d ago

You should read comic books more because you obviously know nothing about him.

Taz Yamauchi2543d ago

A Good Superman game was done on Sega Genesis called The death and return of Superman

PirateThom2543d ago

I don't, he's a riduculous character who is practically invincible and powered by the sun...

Being invincible doesn't make for a compelling game and having enemies use Krytonite weapons is a ridiculous mechanic.

DarkBlood2543d ago

well theres always a way to make it "Fair" for the lack of a better word despite him being nearly invincible he can still be pummeled by other powerfull forces who threaten the earth for example

if he doesnt stop them in time then said people or planet will die then its gameover there be no point in him keep on going kind of way

hmmmm this is sounded a little harder then i thought

blackburn102543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

That is idiotic. If you ever even bothered to read a Superman comic or watch a cartoon you would see that their are many things besides Kryptonite that can kill or hurt Superman and many being who are just as strong as he is or can deal out damage e.g. Darkseid, Luminous Doomsday, Parasite, Solomon Grundy, Mongol, Cyborg Superman, Metallo, Black Adam, Bizzaro etc. A game level on Apocalypse alone would tax his powers to the limit. Superman is far from being invincible.

If developers would stop treating Superman like a clown and having him fight Lex Luthor, tornadoes, flying through rings and crap like that they could make a proper game. Just like how they have Spiderman getting beat up by thugs in the games. Please, as if any normal criminal could even lay a hand on him much less punch him hard enough to hurt him.

PirateThom2543d ago

Again, is this just going to be a tournament fighter with Superman vs these characters?

My point is a game needs to have a load of grunts, you need something that makes up a bulk of the enemies and if those enemies have no attacks against the protagonist, they become redundant, while it then becomes just a matter of button mashing until you reach those boss characters.

TopDudeMan2543d ago

Open world, make it so he's just figuring out his powers and have an upgrade system based on xp that you can get from doing missions and side missions.

WhiteLightning2543d ago

I think it's with Superman being over powered, least with Batman he was just a man in a suit with some gadgets and fighting moves.

Although I don't see why they don't do one where the story of the game revolves round Superman trying to get his powers back from the villain, like at the start there stolen from him and as the story goes on he gets his powers back one by one......or at least most of them.

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