Jaffe Comments on Sony Smash Bros. Game, Expresses Excitement

EatSleepPlay’s David Jaffe comments on rumored Sony fighter.

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Majin-vegeta2985d ago

Man i wish they would already reveal it.Maybe a VGA reveal??

MattyF2985d ago

Given Sony's past VGA revealings, it seems like the place to do it.

blumatt2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Man I swear Sony just doesn't let up when it comes to dropping awesome exclusive games. It's just boom boom boom one after another!!

I literally cannot afford to buy them all. That's a good thing. Keep 'em coming Sony. You know when you buy a Sony console, you're going to get variety and an awesome selection of exclusives, pushing graphical and gameplay boundaries!!

I can't wait for this game! It's gonna be sick!

DirtyLary2985d ago

I guess I'll ask it then.

Sony is making an exclusive with Sweet Tooth and Kratos and Jaffe has no clue about it's development?

seems fishy.

DasBunker2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

the raw power edge the PS3 has over the wii could open alot of new possibilities than what SB has been doing.. cant wait could be fun as hell..

EDIT:@ below

ughh the jokes are just cringe worthy.. outside the internets that stuff just doesnt fly lolol..

DebateMaster2985d ago

The vga's are for nothing more than teasers and trailers.I change the channel when they start the jokes...

gaden_malak2985d ago

"Sony is making an exclusive with Sweet Tooth and Kratos and Jaffe has no clue about it's development?"

Well Sony owns the characters so they can do with them what they will. It's not totally unsurprising that he doesn't know about it, but I am surprise if he legitimately doesn't know about it.

sikbeta2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I love this idea, SSBM was my most played N game on the GC, I'll be buy this game in a heartbeat, just my thought, but I think the game should have PS characters chibi-style, not cute and stuff, but like in Hot Shot Golf at least

NEW-AGE2985d ago

Snake, Meryl, Revolver ocelot young and old, Otakon, Kratos, Zues, Nathan Drake, Elena, Sully, Sweet Tooth, Calypso, Thumper, Darkside, Warthog, Spectre, Outlaw, Grim, Outlaw, Darktooth, Minion, ...i think sony can make a Robust Line Up if they also get a group of characters from each game with there own moves... im trying to think of a past sony made fighting game

Skip_Bayless2984d ago

This is a Super Smash bros killer. From technical and creative standpoint, Sony has the advantage.

rdgneoz32984d ago

@DirtyLary He also said he wasn't making a new Twisted Metal game until they rolled out the trailer and sweet tooth with his truck.

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Relientk772985d ago

This game reveal will be one of the reasons I will watch the Spike VGAs. I watch for the game reveals and trailers, and it would be awesome if this was one of the revealed games.

DirtyLary2985d ago

The VGA reveal that some kid just made up on N4G comments?

Derekvinyard132985d ago

Is this even exclusive?? this is the same idea as super smash bros, brawl and melee. in my eyes this is a ripoff of another game.

meowthemouse2985d ago

lol @ disagrees
thats N4G for u

Tarantino_Life2985d ago

Nintendo ripped it from Capcom. Please learn history of gaming before speaking about gaming.

rezzah2985d ago

@ meowthemouse


That's people's opinions for you.

Don't be scared because the majority of opinions on a site outweighs your own, you can always leave.


Spitfire_Riggz2985d ago

Well the game is exclusive but the idea is indeed a ripoff =) who cares though.

Shang-Long2985d ago

Guess people are forgetting about power stone.

nolifeking2985d ago

SSB is itself a ripoff of Ergiez so STFU

Trebius2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

99% of all games ever made is a ripoff of something else ... dont be a retard lol.

admiralvic2985d ago

You can't call something a rip off till it first officially exists and secondly relates to smash bros. Going off the general assumption its just a mashed up fighter and those have existed for ages...

@ Meowthemouse

I don't know what you mean by Capcom... I assume you mean cross over fighters and is so wouldn't it be a rip off of SNK's King of Fighters and if that's a case... I don't think you should be talking :3

achmetha2984d ago

ripoff and "spin" are different.

MasterCornholio2984d ago

There isn't a law against Sony making a game based off the inspiration they get from another. As long as it isn't some cheap Chinese copy of a game I don't really mind at all.

I am against Nintendo fanboys in N4G because I believe that everyone has the right to make games not just Nintendo.


lumley6662984d ago

dont be stupid mate lol thats like saying anyone who made a fps after doom or watever was made is just a ripoff lol smash bros is just a fighting game like all the others, plus theres the capcom franchise, plus dissidia ff etc etc, i like sonys idea as i loved mondation racers which was basically a mario kart style game just with the creater add ons which i loved, smash bros is an exerlent fighter style game which is about only fighting game i enjoy playing these days

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FlameBaitGod2985d ago

Voted on the nominees on vga

MsclMexican2985d ago

Im both excited and worried for this game. Before I got a PS3 I got a Wii for the sole reason of Smash Bros Brawl.

I hope Sony can pull this off and make something as awesome as Smash Bros with its own identity

Gamer19822984d ago

I just dont know what took other companys so long to make there own smash brothers. Ninty have had one for years it would have made sense to make a Sony and MS one a long time ago. Not even a 3rd party dev has made one for multi platform.

Axecution2984d ago

im not gonna get too hyped. Last time i got hyped for a character-merged Sony game, Playstation Move Heroes was thrown up into my PS3.

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yesmynameissumo2985d ago

I wonder if this game will include 3rd party characters as well as 1st, like the Michael commercial?

NEW-AGE2985d ago

Battlefield GUY Vs. Call Of Duty GUY, God Of War Vs. Heavenly Sword Vs. Bayonetta Vs. Dantes Inferno Vs. Devil May Cry, Twisted Metal Vs. Vigilante, id really like to see , Claude Speed Vs. Tommy Vercetti Vs. Carl Johnson Vs. Niko Bellic Vs. the Biker Guy Vs. The Puerto Rican Guy Vs. Red or Jack(i4got) Vs. John Marston, Vs. James Earl Cash Vs. Max Payne Vs.rockstar games characters' id payt to play that

Relientk772985d ago

I am also excitied for this game I just hope they make it right. If its fun like Smash Bros. then I am pysched for this game.

Please have Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet and Clank, and Nathan Drake in it.

fluffydelusions2985d ago

I think they sold the rights to spyro and crash if I'm not mistaken?

Relientk772985d ago

Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games don't have the rights anymore, but I still want them in the game. They are PlayStation icons and were in some of the best PlayStation games of all time.


WhiteLightning2985d ago

"If its fun like Smash Bros. then I am pysched for this game."

I have faith...mainly because I find Super Smash Bros fun and I know it's held back with a not so good online mode, no DLC to improve it (giving it more life after the games is out) and the fact with Nintendo holding back on characters which I think I read in a ONM interview.....basicaly I think the game is kind of like "What if Nintendo had Sonys tec to play with"

blackburn102985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

And Carmelita Fox, Sir Dan,the boy from SOTC and Captain Quark. Still crossing my fingers for Spyro and Crash though.Sonic doesn't belong to Nintendo either but he is in SSMB

Dante1122985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Sweet, I truly hope this game is real. Sounds pretty awesome.

Kamikaze1352985d ago

Hopefully it's good. I enjoy SSB games and if this is any good with enough will kick some serious ass!