Dualshockers: The Times We've Had - Prey, The Last Great Corridor Shooter

Scott Lipowitz recounts his time playing "Prey" and what it did with the rules set by classics like "Doom" and "Wolfenstein 3D."

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darren_poolies3151d ago

This was a really good article, kudos. I completely agree, I bought Prey for about £5 and was blown away, it still stands as one of my all time a favorite games. That opening sequence still gets me.

Cajun Chicken3151d ago

Prey is bloody amazing, the portals, the confusion, the sense of scale. Great game. Really wish Prey 2 was going to be more like 1.

admiralthrawn873151d ago

prey was fuckin awesome

play serious sam 3 for some awesome old school fun.

i'm gonna go get prey again now. the multiplayer wouldve been badass if it wasnt for the horrible network lag that led to people just strafing left and right to glitch out the network to avoid bullets lol

Adolph Fitler3151d ago

Prey was good....but far from the last "great" corridoor shooter. It simply was not a great game, but merely a good, servicable shooter with a good idea for the main character.