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Somersaulting its way onto Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Network, the Nightwing downloadable content pack has definitely been worth the wait!

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Rynx2975d ago

What surprises me is how neither Robin or Nightwing say anything at the start of the challenge. It bugs me because compared to Catwoman and Batman, these other DLC characters feel mute and take away from the game a little bit. That's lazyness of the devs part because I remember Robin having a speaking role in the main game. Also what's a little lazy from Nightwing is that his character trophies are doing the exact same pose. At least with Robin's (in which you get 3 costumes as opposed to 2 for nightwing) they are each posing differently. I really don't know what happened there. If I was to give the Robin DLC an 8 out of 10, then Nightwings definitely fits along the 7 out of 10 mark.