GBA games to be released for 3DS Ambassadors soon! - Gamer Nation

Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors have been receiving a notification informing them that they will be getting their GBA games soon!

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princejb1342979d ago

woop give me golden sun 1 and 2 since the ds one was so dissapointing

rezzah2979d ago

Those games are one of my all time favorites. Shame I never got the chance to play the 3rd Golden Sun. I will one day.

princejb1342979d ago

rezzah play the third one but prepare to be dissapointed
golden sun on gba are my favorite gba games
i was excited for the third one and i was completely dissapointed

PygmelionHunter2979d ago

I think it's actually pretty good, granted it's the easiest of the bunch, but certainly not half as bad as you say...

Nerdmaster2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Me neither. Should we get worried?

Kran2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

If this happens to all 3DS players one day, give me Minish Cap. I cant find it in my drawers so i cant play it on my normal DS lite.

If Nintendo can give me the Minish Cap, they've got a sale for the 3DS from me ASAP ;)

CaptainN2979d ago

I don't know if they are ever going to put them out for sale, they originally said they weren't going to be released to the public besides the ambassadors, but then again I can't see them never using their old games to make easy money. Good luck getting it in the we don't even know if that's one of the games their giving away. But if everyone has a wish, I want Mother 3 lol.

HOSe2979d ago

give me super mario 3 .

mcstorm2979d ago

Sweet cant wait to get hold of some of these games as well as mario 3ds and mario kart 7 my 3ds is going to have a busy end to the year.

belac092979d ago

i never got a message either. why would that be?

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