Game Changers – Top 5 Influences On The Industry

TGS: "With Thanksgiving here, I’d like to take a moment and give thanks. To the games that revolutionized the industry with long-reaching effects. Games that busted down the door of innovation and literally changed the way we think about them. Every relevant game that came after these titles owes it’s very existence to the visionary quantum leap inherent in their design."

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LettingGo2974d ago

Wow. A legitimately good article. On N4G?!?

TheGamerScene2974d ago

At The Gamer Scene we pride ourselves in giving articles like this everytime :) Thanks for your feedback :)

2973d ago
CanadianTurtle2973d ago

I think Mario 64 and Call of Duty deserves to be on that list. Ok, I know a lot of you guys hate the CoD franchise, but you have to be honest, it really changed the industry in a way where everyone is trying to copy them. Even though thats sort of a bad thing, its still an industry changer. It did revolutionize and innovate the way we play online games on console. Sort of what Halo did.