Mass Effect 3 Is “Almost There”

TGS: "Corey Gaspur, a game developer at BioWare has come out of the office to confirm the status of Commander Shepard’s third journey."

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pctrollv53149d ago ShowReplies(1)
beastgamer3149d ago

if the game got leaked. I don't know if I can control myself from downloading it.

MAJ0R3149d ago

it already was leaked and apparently the story isn't good at all. I'm sure it completely wreck the morale of everyone working on it, then again I'm not expecting much from Bioware anyways considering how DA2 was

tigertron3146d ago

Bioware did say they've made several changes to the plot since the leak came out, so what you see in the leak may not even be in the final game.

krazykombatant3149d ago

I don't know why but I'm seriously not the sightless bit that excited for this. Maybe because its got ways to goo before it releases. Maybe its because i think BioWare is going to make another abomination of a game... I don't know anymore, this game just feels MEEEHHHH to me. Perhaps if they went a back to ME roots, and gave me more freedom. *hint* let me fly the ship as joker and shoot down some reapers.... or let me use the Normandy for something else other than my taxi to get me from route A to B *hint over* But i guess its too late to ask for that...

Lets just get this over with BioWare, everyone is holding their breaths to see if you've still got it or if EA turned you into shit.