Chris Jericho’s The Most Popular CAW in WWE’12

TGS: "I am no wrestling expert but this next piece of information just surprises me. THQ did not put Chris Jericho in WWE’12 and the fans have reacted."

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Relientk772973d ago

Chris Jericho is amazing, and as a wrestling fan, I am not happy that he is missing from this game.

Commander_TK2973d ago

Y2J! Save us from PG! Good thing that The Rock is back though.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2973d ago

I downloaded him. Looks like him a hell of a lot to.

sarcastoid2973d ago

Yukes, the developer, wanted Jericho in the game. WWE told them not to. Apparently Jericho and WWE had a falling out.

fuzion17c2973d ago

Read somewhere that WWE didn't want Y2J in the game because it would ruin his upcoming debut on Jan 2nd, 2012. *RUMOR*

PandemicPrawn02973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )


Break the walls dooooooooooown!!!!!!!

Thepro3182973d ago

that video right there proves why wwf was better then wcw.Vince took a wcw mid card guy and made him to a huge wrestling icon

DeadlyFire2973d ago

3:53 forward = WWE today.