New Video Game Releases Nov. 28 – Dec. 5th

RipTen: With many gamers just getting over the Thanksgiving glut and surviving the rush of Black Friday, we find ourselves in the sleepy pre-christmas release doldrums. Which is not to say there no releases nor that they are not worth a look, but pickings sure are slim.

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jaredhart2984d ago

Yeah, this release week sux!

greeneggsnsam2984d ago

Yeah, we're past the xmas rush now I think. Just more Skyrim, then :)

manwo2984d ago

wow I love this game The Sly Cooper


im actually glad this release list sucks, im up to my hair in games i still havent finished"

GarandShooter2983d ago

I'm with you there. Found some deals on games I didn't have and couldn't pass up. I probably have a dozen games still in their shrink wrap.

Damn you BF3 and Skyrim for taking up all my time!