Funniest Skyrim Mod Ever

There are many Skyrim Mods that have been released since the game was released a couple of weeks ago, however none are as funny as this.

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a mudcrab saying fuck when being hit is not my sense of humour... if it would wear a tophat and would slip on some bananas i would be all for it....

xtremexx2973d ago

thats not my sense of humour, agree to disagree?


irony isnt your strongpoint is it

Spitfire_Riggz2972d ago

Mudcrabs are so weak they instantly die within my presence. So this mod doesnt work with me =(

SilentNegotiator2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

This can be accessed if the game is altered from its sold condition?!?! Quick, change the rating! Change the rating to AO!


manwo2973d ago

wow mudcrab could say fuck oh it's a strong language

Tuxedo_Mask2973d ago

"Dumbest Skyrim Mod Ever"


NCAzrael2973d ago

Aw, you fixed it before I could.

xtremexx2973d ago

Could be both to be honest, depends who it is

Tommykrem2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I actually laughed. Needless to say I feel pretty stupid right now.

Ch1d0r12973d ago

I guess this would be equivalent to changing the way a shot fired is when modding CS.

Big_L2973d ago

First the fake title about a GTA V leak, now this

N4G has gone to shit

DasTier2972d ago

You've only just noticed?

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The story is too old to be commented.