First Look at Resident Evil Wii

Shown briefly (and I mean really briefly) on video at its press conference today, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles was unviled for the Wii. Here are a few first screens, which admittedly don't really show much.

Although not much is known about Umbrella Chronicles, it looks to be played from a first-person perspective and it takes place in the mansion from the original game (in fact, if you look closely, it appears the game is reusing assets from the GameCube remake). Also, you can now shoot down doors instead of taking time to open them.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is still early in development and currently carries no release date.

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wakkiwakko5862d ago

I think Resident Evil was shown before the clip when he's walking through sewage and has to move the wiimote to shake some stuff out. I think this is from darkness.

ChickeyCantor5862d ago

is from resident evil 1......the thing is....going from room to room you had to w8 becozz there was this cutscene where a door seems that they removed that thing....cozz the room on the screen is from RE1