Uncharted 3 E3 vs Final Build - Weird Changes Screenshots

"Have you noticed the difference? While Drake is arriving at Yemen, you'll be able to notice the difference between E3 and the final build"

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hakis862975d ago

What a troll article, probably screens from the 3D ode where all details get lowered :S
I looks like the E3 build on my PS3 ^^

colonel1792975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

It is not! The entire game is like that. You are the one trolling because you know that is the final build which everyone has.

RedDead2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

****ing yes! FInally someone writes an article about it. What the hell was with the graphics in the final build? This is blatant false advertising, I can't wait to see what ND say about it.

Good bit less detail too Dante. Dunno why you're trying to deny it. Not too mention there was noticeable Jaggies in alot of areas, specially that place in the Demo. The place he comes across in the Desert after wandering it for a few days. Oh and sayign i'm trolling? Yeah right, because I think it looks worse than the E3 version I am trolling. Even when the article shows it straight up/

Dante1122975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

@ Red

Stop trolling, the graphics are a bit downgraded but aren't even as bad as you were making it out to be. Heck better than half the games out now.

Edit: Nvm, noticed the one bubble.

Edit2: Deny it? I've actually played the game firsthand, Red. You even admitted a few days back in the forums that you didn't even own or play UC3, but watched on youtube.

kaveti66162975d ago

I don't know. If those screens are legit, then it looks like a proper bait and switch to me.

UC3 still looks fantastic, but those screens from the E3 build look even better.

inveni02975d ago

Who cares if it looks a little different? It's still the best looking and most polished console game on the market.

ShoryukenII2974d ago

Brink did this as well. The E3 2010 graphics looked amazing but then they released one of the ugliest games of the year in May. I don't have Uncharted 3 yet so I don't know whether or not this is true but it is annoying when devs do this.

Dee_912974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

lol this same site that posted that gtav main character crap.
Mines didnt look anything like that
looks like a SD version or something
either that or i jusst didnt really notice because it wasnt a still image

Il check it out on my own later

Varodor2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

fool pulled a couple of screenshots from the E3 trailer and said that the game was worse than that, but what about those moments that have not changed in comparison with the trailers?

What about the moment when Helen face does not have Asian features. That the game two models, or Helen has always had Asian features.

+some more comparisons

inveni02974d ago

Who the heck is "Helen"?

Perjoss2974d ago

wow, final build looks kind of shite in comparison.

milohighclub2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )


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StraightPath2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

smoke and mirrors for the E3 build then the final version looks downgraded from the E3 build however Uncharted 3 still looks like one of the BEST looking game on consoles. Many games do that anyways. The multiplayer models take a huge downgrade from the campaign models that is understandable i guess.

What happen to cheats in Uncharted 3 ? Uncharted 2 had them...

Dante1122975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

@ StraightPath

Real talk. Red is going on about how bad UC3 looks and how awful it is when it reality, it isn't even a bad looking game at all. Of course, the E3 build looked better, it ran at 60 fps compared to the 30 fps in the final build, but saying UC3 looked like crap because of it is straight bs.

Thatguy-3102975d ago

I noticed the change in clothes and location where nate is with ellena but I didnt mind it. The way they messsed with chloe and ellena's model was kinda sad. Ellena looked really different went you first meet her at the airport. Chloe didn't look that bad but she looked different(not as hot as in Among thieves)

BinaryMind2975d ago

Who cares which version looks/looked better? It's still the best looking console game ever.

ThrazN72975d ago

god of war 3 is still the best in my books

ryhanon2975d ago

God of War 3 is definitely up there, but it's considerably less impressive given the fixed camera angle. That makes it significantly easier to produce visuals of that calibre.

TheFallenAngel2974d ago

God of War 3 is the best looking game outhere. Just look at kratos and the cronos fight and tell me I'm wrong.

dcortz20272974d ago

Stop arguing, both are exclusively on the PS3. This discussion is finished!

VINNIEPAZ2974d ago


"Stop arguing, both are exclusively on the PS3. This discussion is finished!"

Wow what a simple minded fanboy comment. They are just talking about what game they think looks better (God of War 3 or UC3) and you say they cant because they are on the same system? LOL

So in your mind you can only judge games on different systems? Fanboy logic at its best

AliTheBrit4202974d ago

Red Dead Redemption is easily the best

Not only at first glance, but when you look at the visuals it has, then the giant open world and no loading or processing time needed

compared to ND's extremely on-the-rails type game, which still had to lie about how it would look before shipping.

RDR = Far superior visuals

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jammy_702974d ago

U3 has the best graphics ever!

Perjoss2974d ago

Never played a PC game then I take it.

princejb1342974d ago

they models do look a bit different, cloe looks whiter
my guess is they had to downgrade a bit to make room for the 3d
but nothing serious the game is still excellent

The_KELRaTH2974d ago

It's all the scenery textures aswell. The E3 images looked more like they'd come off a PC than a console.

bozebo2974d ago

Removal of self shadowing...

mynameisEvil2974d ago

I love that EVERYONE hasn't mentioned that single thing I noticed...

The E3 pictures are of a higher quality. I don't mean what the article is saying, I mean that the photos of the final build look terrible and blurry, brought only by the photos, not the game. So, this dude is slamming the game for it but doesn't even have the common courtesy of looking up high-quality pictures first. What a bastard.

gatormatt802974d ago

I believe the main reason why chloe and elaina look different is their make-up. They have more around their eyes in the trailer.

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WhiteLightning2975d ago

<sigh> Typical ND, always changing or "fixing" the things that don't need work on yet ignore the stuff which actually need changed or fixed.

IRetrouk2975d ago

im sorry, im gonna bite, what, in your opinion, needs changed?

WhiteLightning2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Oh come on...

The aiming needed fixing from ths start as people has pointed out

How they changed the multiplayer when they got it right after patch 3 in the Summer beta, the subway beta comes and it's completely differen't....still is to be honest. A blindfire, sprint fest.

They changed the way they got rid of the bonuses, cutscene viewer, cheats when people loved that system.

People hated SA in Uncharted 2s multiplayer, so they add it in U3 in three differen't forms. Two boosters and a weapon mod.

Changing facial models for Elena and Chole (and her arse :)

Even the pictures point stuff out, why did they change some of the stuff from the E3 trailer build.

....Just a few points for example.

I love Uncharted but you have to admit ND change the stuff which dosen't need fixing yet don't fix the stuff which actually need changing.

You know how each studio has something gamers know them for. Valve - Valve time, Bethesda - Bugs, Capcom - DLC milkers, Square enix - Don't learn from mistakes, Lionhead - Don't deliver on their hype......well this is basicaly what ND are known for, well at least on the forums anyway.

Pacman3212975d ago

^ Very well said, bubbles.

IRetrouk2974d ago

to be honest everything you stated is just an opinion, not everything you listed is a problem for everyone, i only play unchartyed for the single player campaine, so most of these issues you have dont effect me, dont get me wrong the games not perfect but so far its still the best single player experiance ive had this year.

Redempteur2974d ago

"People hated SA in Uncharted 2s multiplayer"

oh really ?
first i've heard of that ..

Oh and don't bother linking on or 2 posts in a forom.. they are hardly EVERYONE .

InactiveUser2974d ago

Situational Awareness is for scrubs. Is Elena or anyone else a Chimera? No? Then how the hell are they seeing through walls. I never used it, because it's retarded and non-competitive.

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Thatguy-3102975d ago

It's annoying when people try to make it seem that everything came out perfectly when things came out worst.
ND dropped the ball with this installment IMO and they know it. Among thieves brought new fans into the series where as this installment divided fans apart which obviously states something. Hopefully they fix the mistakes with the next installment because with the introduction of the tomb raider reboot the tides could swing back to Lara croft

Ezio20482974d ago

mate i truelllly loved what you just said!!! :):)

Software_Lover2975d ago

Looks like e3 build pushed more in the direction of CG while the game, of course, used the engine more.

snowman21492975d ago

That shot in the BUS looks terrible in the final build. What the hell is that yellow gas? Also, they fucked up the way Chloe looks..

ryhanon2975d ago

The bus does look bad in that shot, but I don't think it looked bad in motion. The yellow dust is supposed to be the natural dust, sand and dirt in the air. Take a look at the video (around the 5 minute mark) - try to imagine it *without* that yellow haze, it'd look weirdly pristine and clean given the environment they're in.

NewZealander2975d ago

i fully agree, i was looking forward to the bus scene, but when i finally got up to that bit and saw the changes they made i was disgusted, that washed out yellow looked awful, there were far too many scenes in the game that were either too dark of completely washed out, it really killed the feel of the game for me.
and changing chloe and elena,s models was a bad move, chloe went from sexbomb to boring generic videogame chic with no ass.

also the shooting was no where near as satisfying, really jerky and clumsy, the enemy AI didn't help much either!

and wheres the completion bonuses? i loved all that stuff, all the little extras really made the first two games stand out, damn shame they didn't include that stuff.

tigertron2974d ago

Yes, I did wonder why that bit looked totally different and poor in comparison to the E3 build.

I enjoyed UC3, ALOT. Had ND stuck to the graphics in the E3 build, kept those character models for multiplayer and kept the gunplay the same as UC2 then I would have been over the moon. I just can't help but feel dissapointed. 3D I feel is to blame and I'm sure UC3 would have looked like the E3 build at a stable 30fps if they didn't incorporate 3D.

I guess I just prefer UC2...

death2smoochie2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Based on these pictures, the E3 build is far better than the final build. Why in the devil did they make those changes?
Texture detail looks sharper and more refined in the E3 build. The Final build does not look as good...

Muffins12232975d ago

Halo 2 did the same thing,look up halo 2 e3 vs final build.I think because if they wanted the game to look that good the frame rate might of lowered :\

kaveti66162975d ago

Yes, Bungie admitted to that in the "Making of Halo 2" documentary that came with the limited edition of Halo 2.

They had these amazing levels and setpieces designed for the Halo 2 demo, and the entire thing was scrapped afterwards. They were as disappointed about it as the gamers.

Still loved Halo 2, though.

Angels37852974d ago

I loved uncharted 3, but I do feel that (like halo 2) Naughty Dog had some extra hour or so packed away that didn't make it into the game and the games length suffers from that.

Pozzle2974d ago

"I loved uncharted 3, but I do feel that (like halo 2) Naughty Dog had some extra hour or so packed away that didn't make it into the game and the games length suffers from that."

I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way. I loved Uncharted 3, but I can't help but wonder if maybe Naughty Dog were encouraged to release the game before Christmas for more sales, because the final chapters felt quite though Naughty Dog intended the Iman of the Pillars area to be a couple of chapters longer, but were forced to cut it short for time reasons.

lugia 40002975d ago

Obviously to hype up the graphics. They lowered in the final to give a 30fps performance. When you were watching the videos, you weren't noticing the framerate.

lastdual2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Might also have to do with incorporating 3D.

Rendering in 3D takes processing power that could otherwise have been used to max out the visuals, but if you want the game to look consistent in both modes, sacrifices have to be made.

ExitToExisT2975d ago

developers can change 'graphic options', just like pc games.

So they boost the graphic settings and get higher quality footage from their game and this comparison is a great example for this.

A month ago i saw an article says that Sony released a gameplay video of U3 which runs at 60 fps. Check it out.

specialguest2974d ago

The actual game didn't run at 60fps. It was just a video frame-rate issue that somehow got a boost.