Amazon’s Cyber Monday Kicks Off With Tons of Gaming Deals

Still haven’t maxed out your credit card after Black Friday’s shopping madness? Don’t worry, there’s still time to get in trouble with your bank manager as Amazon has started their Cyber Monday deals early – and PSLS has every single Cyber Monday PlayStation gaming deal.

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Sev2974d ago

I've spent so much goddamn money on Black Friday, and now, there's more deals for Cyber Monday? I'm going to be so broke , but I'll have a wealth of new games.

guitarded772974d ago

Dude... I had to put an end to my spending. I bought 9 games for Black Friday and I'm refusing to look at any more deals... it's no fun to have so many games and no electricity to play them with.

KillerPwned2974d ago

I got MGS HD collection for $35 at Kmart and they had it online its worth to check.

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