NATO Commissions Mobile/PC Game to Support Maritime Interdiction Operations

Caspian Learning is currently developing a gametitled "Borders Ahoy" commissioned by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with the collaboration of Bohemia Interactive.

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sonicsidewinder2973d ago

They gotta get practicing for Syria.

topgeareasy2973d ago

F*ck North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

MAJ0R2973d ago

well NATO is basically the U.S. sooo...

MAJ0R2973d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

my point is that without the U.S. you would probably be speaking German and overall wouldn't have very many rights so think before you type ;)


sorry you are a lost cause, if you actually believe the U.S. had little influence in winning WWII AND has little influence present day there is no point in discussing anything with you since you are oblivious to the facts...

oh and going by your name I would hope your not still mad that the U.S. gained it's independence from Britain lol

AliTheBrit4202973d ago

Oh cool another no-nothing

The USSR (The Russians, I actually think YOU may need that pointing out to you) had FAR more to do with winning WW2 than you.

YOU didn't save anybody, you never have, the US has done nothing but put in to power Dictators in South America, Parts of Asia, and now of course The Middle East

You have war mongered through history, first under the guise of "COMMIES WANT TO TAKE YOUR FREEDOMS" and now its "ISLAMIC TERRORISTS WANT TO TAKE YOUR FREEDOMS" using both as an excuse to invade and force wars on countries to steal their resources, but more importantly the latest one's to stop both Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi from introducing an internal-middle eastern trading system based on the value of gold which would have cut the US out of Billions

You support Israel and Saudi Arabia at the same time, Israel politically, financially and with weapons

Despite Israel directly breaking U.N Law, and Saudi Arabia having the closest thing to real imposed Sharia law, and a completely Fascist state (what the US supposedly fights against)

They refuse to help Palestine gain LEGIT freedom by becoming part of the U.N because of THEIR "violence"

Yet in a 10 year period they bombed to shit 3 separate countries who asked for no help, and killed well over 1 and a half million innocents, democracy, one bullet soaked child and mortal shelled hospital at a time, right? U S A!

USA = Scum.

AliTheBrit4202973d ago

Yeah, no

Ethically I'd sooner download something from the Taliban

Fuck you NATO, you have killed more innocent human beings in the last decade than any terrorist organisation or middle eastern Government could - DREAM - of

Johandevries2973d ago

Fuck off with your political crap, we are already suffering enough here with all those fanboys