Top 5 Emotional Scenes Of This Year (Spoilers)

Velocity Gamer: 2011 has been one of the better years for top quality video games, and we’ve seen quite a few that manage to draw genuine emotion from the player. This is becoming ever more common, but is still lacking in many productions that attempt it. Nevertheless, we have looked over this past year to determine five of the scenes that affected us the most as players.

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Pacman3212983d ago


I think Resistance 3 should be number 1, when Molokov gets killed and you are completely powerless do anything, it is quite an emotional scene.
I completely recommend getting Resistance 3 to anyone who hasn't played it yet, it's definitely my surprise hit of the year (and maybe Deus Ex).

jammy_702983d ago

R3 was good, but I enjoyed 2 a lot more.... 3 ended to quick.

RedDead2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

NathanExplosion, I would agree with Gears 1 and 2 but 3's one was amazing. I was shocked something like that could come from those games. I didn't even care much for Dom, but the scene was done perfectly. With the Music and stuff

Also for the Uncharted one, I would put a different scene in than that one. I guess I don't find 'love' scenes that emotional really.

kneon2983d ago

Infamous 2 should be up there in positions 1 and 2 for the good and evil endings.

awesomeperson2983d ago

Soaps death wasn't really emotional for me... He sat on a table grunting a bit :/
It mightn't have helped that I was utterly confused why the hell I was anywhere in that singeplayer, to me the story didn't make too much sense.

iChii2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )


Here's my opinion on those scenes:

#5 Soap's death wasn't that emotional imo. I was just like "Okay? Soap died...Damn". I found Ghost's death in MW2 more emotional lol.

#4 Homefront's scene did touch me, when that kid's mom got shit I did gasp and stuff but nothing to get all "QQ" about.

#3 Never played Resistance 3 so, I'm not watching that video for now lol.

#2 Dom's death was really emotional since he's been my fav. character since the first Gears game. But the song they used..Mad World from Gears of War? Really? It ruined the moment (at least for me). They should've used Dust (From the Dust to Dust trailer).

#1 That was an emotional scene? o_O I think I'm missing something... SPOILER ALERT AGAIN.
I found Sully's fake death scene more emotional than that but thats just me. >.<

#0 Dude...Watching Cole die was NOTHING compared to killing Zeke...I don't usually cry in video games but killing Zeke made me cry, I admit it.

But anyways, if Heavy Rain was there it would've been #0. Heavy Rain has been the most emotional game I've ever played but its a 2010 game so.. =P

badz1492982d ago

both endings are great and emotional! why am I forced to kill him? DAMN you Platinum Trophy!

El_Assenso2982d ago

For me the Good ending in inFAMOUS 2 when Cole dies is the best one. Who'd have expected that eh! Brilliant ending to a brilliant game. Blockbuster stuff for Suker Punch.

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DonaldBeck2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

shadow of the colossus.

Ch1d0r12983d ago

hmmm i should pop this game in, havent even played it once, but i did try Ico.

WhiteLightning2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )


I thought Sully's "death" would of been the scene picked for Uncharted 3. I think if he did die in U3 then that death would of sucked..hard but the fact he was alright in the end made it have such an impact on us because it let us see a "what if" moment and how Drake handled it.....and it showed us he handled it with careless rage.

iChii2983d ago

Yeah, I was surprised he just got pissed and went after the bad guy. I was expecting him to cry a little bit at least.

Ezio20482983d ago

i loved all these games.

personally i really get touched with the scene in UC3 when Drake is about to get on the plane and asks Elena to leave the plane!! i may be wrong but the acting done in that scene is so good that i felt UC3 never required the tech of LA Noire for facial expressions. It was clear in the eyes of Drake and Elena.

Pixel_Enemy2983d ago

I liked the facial animations in L.A. Noire but the fact that the faces and body motion captures were recorded separately is a deal breaker for me. They just don't flow as if it was real. I love how Uncharted do the voice and motion capture in the same take. It makes it seem so much more real.

bozebo2983d ago

"They just don't flow as if it was real. I love how Uncharted do the voice and motion capture in the same take. It makes it seem so much more real."

this ^

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