The deaf-mute's FPS dictionary

OXM UK: "We'll admit it - we rarely play online games with our microphones switched on any more. There are all these excitable female players who want our babies, see, and all these excitable male players who want our heads on a platter, garnished with our intestines. It's tough being the nearest thing Modern Warfare 3 has to Robert Pattinson.

As a consequence, we're uncannily good readers of digital body language, able to decipher every little behaviour quirk. Here are 12 common gestures you should be familiar with."

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ATi_Elite2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Shooting you several times, reloading and shooting you several more times again!

1. Drop a Medkit/Ammo you stupid tard! I've only been screaming it and spamming chat for the last 3 minutes.

*edit* oops the article was for CODMW3 and not BF3