Top 5 3D games worth buying a 3D TV for

Been on the fence about buying a 3D TV? Well with the slew of top quality recent games offering 3D support, these are well worth getting a 3D TV for.

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T9002980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

There currently are over 550 games released that support 3D, id say its very had to select just 5 games. I have personally seen the following in 3D and i thought they looked amazing:

Witcher 2, Assassins creed Brotherhood, Batman AA, Metro 2033.

Imo those are at the top of my list.

Here is a complete list of 3D games released on Nvidia hardware:

RaidensRising2980d ago

The article is talking about console games. PC is just way ahead on all fronts.

death2smoochie2979d ago

PC games support 100's of 3D game titles.
This is referring to console games...which is very limited right now. They are coming but you won't see a huge jump in 3D gaming for consoles until next generation at least

Tarantino_Life2980d ago

Killzone 3 3D is awesome! The gun pops out and its a sight to see while reloading. You can almost touch the gun. Also taking cover in 3D is superb!. Uncharted 3 3D is brilliant as well. Subtle yet effective. Superstardust HD is also awesome. When you throw a bomb or when you die it looks really cool. Batman AC is disappointing in 3D. There is a sense of height but no sense of depth. Also nothing specifically pops out. Will be trying out MK in 3D. Are there any fatalities that look really cool in 3D. I heard the Kung Lao Fatality looks awesome in 3D. Need to try it!

jetlian2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

in 3d is badass. Gears with all the bullets flying around just play act 3. Batman was just ok. GOW c2 has some pretty good 3d. Only knock is the graphics are upscaled psp games still cool though.

heard ACR is the best. been missing every black friday deal on it.

letting go: truthfully UC3 has a lot of artifacting. Wipeout is cool but its really just a vehicle floating. Sonic is ok not that great and this coming from a sonic fan. crysis 1 has better 3d to me

the rest ive never played

LettingGo2980d ago

Lol. They just HAD to throw Halo in there.


Uncharted 3
Ico/Shadow of the Colossus
MLB 11: The Show
Sonic Generations
Resistance 3
Wipeout HD

So far, these games have better 3D than anything else by a mile!!!

High Velocity Bowling, PAIN, both 3D Motorstorms, Crysis 2, both Batman titles, Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, and the rest are great too, but they aren't quite as mesmerizing.

Halo? Lol.

bunt-custardly2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Halo Anniversary's 3D is good, certainly much better than most of the 3D trollop (inc. Resistance 3) - don't knock it until you've tried it.

Uncharted 3 is far and away ahead of so much in regards to 3D, including Halo, but if that's the case Halo is right on Drake's heels.

LettingGo2976d ago

I HAVE tried Halo in 3D. It's good, but come on. It doesn't touch the best ones...including Resistance 3. What game were you playing?

LettingGo2980d ago

This is a joke article. :)

Batman runs smoothly, but it's hardly 3D. These guys obviously haven't played many PS3 games.

P_Bomb2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Just another Robert Cram 3D article really. Much like his '5 worst 3D games' article, he just doesn't seem to have much grasp of the format yet. There are unspectacular games he considers genre leaders and technical forerunners he considers among the worst, or not at all.

I can appreciate that a 180,000 GS obviously shows a huge timesink into his 360 with little energy left to play games on other consoles, but to insinuate that multiplat' Batman AC's barely there 3D is worth *buying* a 3DTV over while Motorstorm Apocalypse & GranTurismo5 aren't even honorable mentioned, that's pushing it. Much like how he said KZ3 & R3 are among the worst. Digital Foundry's tech analysis say otherwise.

All in all, Batman & Sonic are not top 5, KZ3 & R3 are not bottom 5. Perhaps somewhere in the middle even, but not on the extreme sides he puts 'em on. Been a bit of an odd year for msxbox-world that way, their innocuous top 5's.

VanguardOfCalamity2980d ago

While I enjoy 3D and use it quite often - I find that when given a choice between wearing the 3D glasses or using my 7.1 surround sound headphones (since using both at the same time is uncomfortable to say the least) I prefer the surround sound - Still 3D can be awesome when done well

gamingdroid2980d ago

Yeah, 3D is a huge premium and uncomfortable due to the glasses as well as what it does to your eyes i.e. get tired quickly.

At the current cost and inconvenience it seems hardly any game is worth it.

Me-Time2980d ago

Unfortunately, needing to buy 3D glasses kills it for me. I like wearing my glasses, I hardly wear contacts, and paying for glasses to watch 3D is horrible. It's a crappy investment. I would prefer to wait for the future of 3D before even thinking about which tv has the best bang for buck value. I'll say another 2-3 years with another reason being the affordability.

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