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Bigpappy2978d ago

I was a huge Zelda fan and I am happy that it has another well recieved entry.

If you are old enough to play skyrim though, that is the game with more content. Zelda might be able to take you through the next month before you can complete it, but if I were loking for a game that I know would tie me over that long, it would be Skyrim. Zelda is always fun, but no way near as immersive or complex as Skyrim (no game is really).

LoaMcLoa2978d ago

This is no Zelda/Skyrim-comparison, you know...

Mykky2978d ago

I think they both are amazing games. I played Skyrim nonstop until Zelda came a week later then I couldn't lay Zelda down. I beat Zelda yesterday and tried to get into Skyrim again but lag and bugs were appearing all the time. I hope the new patch will fix this. (playing on ps3)

I have not beat Skyrim yet but for now I have enjoyed Zelda a bit more. I really don't care wich one of them wins GOTY event hough I have a button on Zelda. :)

Relientk772978d ago

I have to decide what to play between Zelda, Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Assassin's Creed Revelations, and Rage because I am getting all of them lol. Also I want to buy Skyrim. So in terms of video games I guess I will be a little busy lol

Relientk772978d ago

and Uncharted 3, idk how I missed that game

Mykky2978d ago

I have played Zelda, Skyrim and Battlefield 3 and I enjoyed Zelda most. It all comes down to personal opinion though. Skyrim and Zelda are at least safe bets :)

Goozex2978d ago

I'll be busy with u3 on the 3d tvdeal at best buy and battlefield 3. Ea just announced they will release the 1943 free download on Dec 10 with a voucher.

Yawnier2978d ago

Uncharted 3 isn't on that list? Fail article.

Bobbytheblobby2978d ago

you can complete u3 in a day

Mykky2978d ago

Yup, but it has online though wich would keep me busy for quite a while.

But i can't play because the game won't load. When I stated that in my last comment I got 20 disagrees.. I don't know why..

MsclMexican2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

then why is COD and Disneyland adventures on the list?

Im sorry but that is a wtf

Also INCgamers gave u3 a perfect score so yeah... wtf