The necessity of HD Remakes: Do we really want pretty rehashes?

Ben G of writes:

"As I’ve been looking through the releases of the next few months, as well as those of September, October and November, I’ve noticed that a couple of them are HD remakes of games that many gamers enjoyed during their original time (Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Devil May Cry HD Collection, etc.). It’s because of this that a major question comes to mind – Are these remakes really necessary? Is it really no longer possible to go back to older systems and enjoy the games we once loved in their original graphics? Does everything truly need to be HD for people to enjoy it now?"

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T9002974d ago

Well i been saying it all along, however console fans argue otherwise and mostly they are just being fanboish and trying to protech their platform of choice even though it may cost them.

I feel console gamers need to ask for true BC along with HD remakes. Personally as a PC gamer i can play games from the last 20 years. There are many ways to play old games, be it Dosbox, Virtualbox. Hell even older console games run on the PC without issue.

It would be a real loss to console gamers if the next consoles didnt run games which were purchased on current consoles. Imo i think people have bought thousands of USD worth of software on current consoles and not being able to play those next gen would be a real loss. Now i know some of you are going to scream we can own older consoles too, yes you can however how many older boxes are going to own and how many times are you going to replace the ones that die? In the end the best solution is to have proper BC. Current gen games already look very good and i think not being able to play those on the next box would be a real loss.

Alos882974d ago

Wait, are you advocating piracy?

T9002974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Nope, people should only play what they own.

However i am advocating that console gamers stand up for their rights and demand BC, or pretty soon they may find themselves having to buy remakes of remakes that they bought for their current consoles, imagine having to buy HD remake of God of war 1 - 3 again on PS4

bozebo2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

"demand BC"

Not always possible though. The whole point in console hardware is them being able to make a custom solution to fit exactly what is optimal at that point in time, so it can be pricy or impossible to allow backwards compatibility. The jump in hardware from PS2/Xbox to PS3/360 was so huge that they either had similar architecture (360 and xbox are practically PCs) or the older architecture was very cheap to include in the new model (BC PS3s basically have the vital PS2 chips/components inside them).

"Nope, people should only play what they own."

There are a lot of older games which are impossible to purchase, and many that can be purchased doesn't mean the money goes to whoever deserves it (like if you buy second hand or if the IP was nabbed by a big evil publisher after they cut the developer down to shreds and left its staff jobless). So sometimes piracy is fine (only when it is victimless or the "victim" is just holding the IP for undeserved profits). Maybe if you can track down a developer's spiritual successor you could send them cash to buy lunch with or something :P Would probably get posted on their twitter.

On another note, HD Remakes allow a lot more people to experience a game that is deserving of said remake. Like if Morrowind was remade - it would sell almost as much as Skyrim, if not more (most people playing skyrim right now have never played an elder scrolls game before). Though, in some cases a direct remake isn't the best option (most people hate the "you hit but the game said you missed" mechanic for example).

IMHO most of the best games that will ever exist have already come out, a lot of people would say the same thing about movies some time ago - but when a movie is remade there is a significant chance that it wont properly represent the original and could be a flop - with games however, its like they have the original actors but with new cameras and techniques - so remakes can modernise a game without killing what made it so good.

blackburn102974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Sigh. Never got to play ICO or SOTC when I had a PS2. Now they are together, on one disc, in HD, WITH trophies. Why should I go back to the original? Buy a PS2 and go back to the original if you want but please don't deny me the option to play an updated version.

This gen is so selfish. Don't buy the remakes if you don't want to but stop the 'no more remakes garbage'. Sly and ICO/SOTC remakes haven't stopped or slowed down the sequels of these games. We still have LG and Sly 4 coming our way.Go look in every dusty store to find these games to play originally if you want but leave us HD remake gamers out of it. Some of us perfer a better looking version of an older game rather then playing the same choppy, low res, blurry version. Okami was beautiful but Okami HD would dazzle your eyes. Keep all options open.

Relientk772974d ago

I would rather have new IPs and new games, then remakes of games anyday. I don't feel like paying for a game I already own, again just because my ps3 doesnt play ps2 games, or now it looks a little better and has trophies.

Abriael2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

yes we do. If you don't want, don't buy. What's earned with the "pretty rehashes" at least partly goes to be reinvested into new games.

Dead horse is dead horse.

TopDudeMan2974d ago

I'd love to see a major re-working of the pokemon series. The games are still awesome, but it'd be nice if the aesthetics were different ie 3d models instead of sprites.

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