Ten Role Playing Games To Look Forward To In 2012

"There was a time when the role playing game (or RPG) dominated the gaming consciousness. That was years ago now though, and the genre has fallen into a relative obscurity that is only brightened by a few western RPGs from Bioware and Bethesda. All hope is not lost for the RPG gamer though, with next year holding a veritable treasure drove of RPG titles. Read on for ten things to look forward to in 2012."

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sonicsidewinder2985d ago

Mass Effect is no RPG!

*it's an rts :P*

MariaHelFutura2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I love the ME series. But, ME3 looks more like an arcade shooter (like The Club) than a RPG. IMO. It looks like it should have a points multiplier in the top corner and power ups on the ground.

Disccordia2984d ago

But IMO I've always said: mass effect has never been an rpg, just a TPS with light rpg elements.

But who cares what genre it is. It's amazing and that's what's important.

lumley6662985d ago

i miss the days of the great rpgs like the final fantasys on ps1, its a shame that there just not made much anymore. most rpgs i enjoy these days just arnt really propa rpgs

Tanir2985d ago

Legend of Legaia, Xenogears,Valkyrie profile, Legend of Dragoon, Breath of fire 3,Saga Frontier, Star Ocean 2, Tales of eternia, and oh so many more :( miss those.

this gen is so lacking jrpgs, its sad

lumley6662985d ago

omg i remember legend of dragoon CLASIC :)

ScubbaSteve2985d ago

Dragon Age 3... that should be on a list of "Ten RPGs you hope don't come out in 2012". I don't hate the franchise but anyone can see how rushed DA2 was. Reusing a dungeon over 5 times is not acceptable. In addition not being able to gear your companions was silly. what was I suppose to do with all that gear I couldn't use?

Relientk772985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Diablo III
Ni no Kuni

those are my top 2

D3mons0ul2984d ago

Okay but I would not call Versus XIII a spinoff.