45 Reasons Why The Legend Of Zelda Could Be The Greatest Series Of All Time

WhatCulture: "To celebrate the release of Skyward Sword, we take a look at why, The Legend of Zelda could be the greatest series in gaming history. From Skyward Sword all the way back to the very beginning!"

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Pikajew2984d ago

Its my favorite series. I played each one at least twice. And I almost never play games twice

majin-vagina2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Mario, then Zelda, followed by the rest of gaming.

MostJadedGamer2984d ago

Sorry, but most of us mature out of that crap a long time ago.

BldyShdw2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )


I think you should change your "most of us mature" to "I matured" because I highly doubt you realize how many adults love Zelda, myself included. Maturity has nothing to do with a great game.

banner2984d ago

That's a tough one! I'm going to Play it safe, I think it's a tie...

Sooo many great times I've had over the years with Zelda and Mario. Those 2 franchises never let you down, it hasn't let me down anyway.

schlanz2984d ago

Calling Mario and Zelda games "crap" says a lot more about a person's maturity than not playing them

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Bimkoblerutso2984d ago

It's still a great franchise, but Nintendo needs to cut some of the archaic crap out:

1. We don't need this much hand-holding. For chrissakes. We go through two-hour long tutorial sections, and we still get "partners" pestering us with instructions and directions through nearly the entire game. And why the hell do I have to sit through an explanation of what all this treasure is every time I boot the game up? I'll be honest. I thought that was just a minor glitch in TP, but SS proves that it was just a retarded design choice.

2. For the love of god, can we cut it out with the crappy midi music? The orchestrated portions of SS are absolutely wonderful, so why is 80% of the game still midi-based? It sounds terrible.

3. Whether Link talks or not, there needs to be voice-acting, at least in the cutscenes. It was forgivable up to the Wind Waker, but now it has become a constant annoyance for me to have to try and watch action scenes and read dialog at the same time. It's so strange to me that Zelda purists seem to be so open to the franchise becoming more and more cinematic, yet the second "voice-acting" is mentioned, they all treat it like it's the bane of video gaming.

Pozzle2984d ago

4. Less fetch-quests. Make the next game more like Majora's Mask (without the three-day cycle of course). Give us a main story, but also lots of character-driven side-quests that take a long time to complete. If there's something I've missed in recent LoZ games, it's the focus on characters that Majora's Mask had.

I loved helping out and learning more about the inhabitants of Termina and Clock Town. It really made me care about them as characters.

rexbolt2984d ago

more like majoras mask? that game was al abotu fetch quest what are you talking about?

Pozzle2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

o.O Sure, there were a couple of fetch quests (like the Zora egg ones), but most of the other quests were varied and fairly different from simply fetching things (defeating the aliens on Romania's farm, protecting the milk from bandits on Cremia's cart ride, even the smaller stuff like raising the chickens into hens and giving that toilet guy some paper).

And even the bigger fetch quests (collecting all the masks, Anju and Kafei's side quest, etc) made you forget you were just fetching things because they were so well-done and focused so much on characters, instead of just fetching things.

Gen0ne2984d ago

Well, three dungeons into Skyward I can say, Ocarina still holds the crown for me. Followed by LttP, then Wind Waker, then Twilight Princess and finally Majora. Yeah, I liked TP better than Majora (that whole time manipulation thing irked me) My Problem is that there's too many fetch quests littering this game and the music is hit or miss. I'm not gonna say that Zelda needs a reboot, but it does need some restructuring. This game has yet to deliver a "Wow" moment for me. But everything here is rock solid. Despite the obvious attempt to mix things up, it feels like Nintendo played it a litte too safe. Unless something so epic happens that I can't even take it, I'm hovering around a B+ Oh yeah, I like the fact that Zelda and Link are best friends and that's she's not a helpless little girl in need of saving. (Other M I'm lookin' at you)

Edit:@mostjaded- thanks for taking the time to leave MW3 to post that enlightening statement

DNAbro2984d ago

Definitely my favorite series. 25 years of amazing. Hoping for another 25 years to come.

PSjesus2984d ago

A game that you and your kids well enjoy

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