PSVita News Report Video

Take a look at this news report video.

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supremacy2982d ago

Wish I could understand what they were saying besides vita, but its good to see lots of people playing and enjoying themselves.

Cloudberry2982d ago

"According to this news report, the Nagoya leg of the Play Caravan event has 33 kiosks set up.

The report, which was aired on a mainstream news program, focuses on the system's touch controls and the availability of a model that can connect to the internet via 3G.

The first speaker at the end says that the screen is big and very beautiful.

The dad at the end says that he's already pre-ordered and is currently considering how many games to buy.

He adds that, because you can play the system when the TV isn't on, he can probably use it when the kids are asleep."

supremacy2982d ago

Wow thanks. That sounds good.

manwo2981d ago

wow that sounds better

blumatt2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I see the Vita being a resurgence for Sony's image in video games. It'll start with the Vita and then in 2012-13, the PlayStation 4 will come out and Sony will be in full effect again like they were in the PS2 days.

They're clearly learning alot this generation with the PS3. The PS4 will be easy to develop for, have tons of games at launch, have a better integrated online, and will be priced right this time (hopefully $400 launch price. I also think that Home will play a much larger part in the PS4's online and be better integrated into games.

Yeah, it's cool that the Vita is all but confirmed by Sony to do full remote play on PS3 games. It's gonna be sick to be able to go to the office or to school and play your PS3 games from miles away on your beautiful OLED Vita screen.

MasterCornholio2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Cool I guess I will be able to try out a feature of the WiiU before it's even out. I love remote play and I hope it works well over long distances. Thanks for the translation can't wait for the new king of handhelds to come out.


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i_da_pappy2981d ago

what type of headsets the kid got on at 0:30?

NellyNel_7_1_32981d ago

i cant wait to get my copy! i am now deciding on what games I want...