Tomb Raider Relics That Need to Stay Buried

Here's hoping these musty mechanics stay six feet under in the Tomb Raider reboot.

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seriousslycooper2984d ago

From the videos we saw so far it looks more promising. Let's hope though right..

tigertron2984d ago

I don't think there was anything wrong with how the previous Tomb Raider games played (this gen and the last). Seriously, Legends is one of my favourite games on the PS2/PS3.

Bonerboy2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

For myself, one of the most annoying tidbits (of the many) which made the old Tomb Raiders gameplay an abhorent mess was the endless trial and error jumps which resulted in endless deaths and not to mention the shitty checkpoint system which made you traverse 15 min of crap only to try it again...and die...again...and again... I havent even bothered to sink more time in to trying to finish a tomb raider game because of this "rinse and repeat" nonsense.

Hopefully they have pulled their heads out of their asses and made a game that is FUN instead of a frustrating trial and error lump of poop with the signature dairyqueen curly Q on top.