Cheap HD DVD Player Heading For The UK

Venturer is already selling its SHD7001 standalone HD-DVD player in the US for around $100 and next month it will go on sale in UK for a so far 'undisclosed' but, apparently 'amazing' price. Think £150-£200 then.

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sonarus5487d ago (Edited 5487d ago )

this article is false those players sell for 199 USD not about a 100. Dnt knw whether to approve or not but the article itself is false. The point is the player is coming to the UK so i guess i'll approve

blackmagic5486d ago

I think they may have meant 'for around £100 in the US' especially since it is a UK publication (£100 is approx. $200). Not sure though... Gizmodo is usually pretty good for these things...

MaximusPrime_5487d ago

never heard of venturer....

Yo Mama5487d ago

Hd-dvd, give up already. It's over.

PS3n3605486d ago (Edited 5486d ago )

but I am sure you will keep trying much to the amusement of the fat chicks you hit on

games4fun5487d ago

i give them 9 months if things keep continuing the way they are

Laxe5487d ago we want HD-DVD over here! Starting to see loads of ads on the tv about movies coming on Blu-Ray HD and DVD's now...wonder where the HD-DVD ads are?

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