Skyward Sword -- First Thoughts (The Nintendo Enthusiast)

The opening hours of Skyward Sword will leave you breathless. Its opening act provides the type of virtual world that only gaming can realize, plus adds the greatest motion-controlled scheme ever devised for a videogame.

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seriousslycooper2574d ago

Well said friend it only gets better!

Shnazzyone2573d ago

That opening was so beautiful I actually felt emotionally moved as I heard Zelda sing the song. Seriously... wait till you try out playing the harp. It will blow your mind.

EvilTwin2573d ago

The opening is what kinda surprised me. I've read other reviews that have talked about the plot being paper thin, but I think it works for what it is. It certainly hooked me early on (by virtue of sheer genuineness).

ChickeyCantor2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I finished the game...Didn't upgrade anything. No shield used ( even though you do get one for free).
I just had to know where the plot would lead. Screw the town.

I have to say ...It explains the background of the legend. But it never explained all the extra stuff they threw in =(