What Skyrim race do you choose to play?

Skyrim has been out for two weeks now. People have grown accustomed to their chosen race, but why did you pick that race?

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futurefrog2983d ago

I play as a Khajiit! They are so cool!

banjadude2983d ago

Female Breton. Trying to make a Paladin type character.
Next up will be a Wood Elf Rogue/Assassin/Thief,etc.

fantasygamer2983d ago

I also choose Female Breton :P

Laxman2983d ago

Out of curiosity, will your Wood Elf character be a female also?

banjadude2982d ago

No, the wood elf will be male. Trying to make the typical brooding/mystery rouge guy persona, lol.

Blackdeath_6632982d ago

i play male breton a mage/theif class you cant go wrong with that! i was gonna play female breton as they have best looking female but went for an old man look with white hair and face tattoo

jozzah2983d ago

High Elf, Shoot lasers at everyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.