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GUFUyourself writes - "One of the more difficult things in sports is following up a championship season. Everything the champs do is put under a larger microscope, and the expectations may be too much given how good the competition actually is. Sure repeats have happened, but most of the time the champions just aren’t as good as they were the last time they were out on the field. Sometimes they go from winning it all to being a one and done in the playoffs. That’s the fate a lot of videogame sequels face when they have to follow up an esteemed predecessor. That’s the fate that Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception ultimately ends up having to accept."

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trouble_bubble2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )


But seriously, not worth the click. You'll thank me later.

gamer2342975d ago

the site name, says it all.

Me-Time2975d ago

That's what I said before when I saw this as a "Pending" review. I can't believe it was accepted. Garbage garbage garbage. Don't click that shit site.

Commander_TK2975d ago

It's seems that a 7/10 is bad these days -_-

dcortz20272975d ago

These guys can gufuthemselves for all I care!

Lovable2975d ago

LOLOL that shit's funny

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2975d ago

What he's saying is true but I'd have given it an 8 or 8.5. Personally I thought the pacing was a tad off. The action is definitely there with spectacular cinematic and epic moments. The graphics and audio were a definite improvement. But it's far to linear, even for Uncharted. They really don't want players to go off the beaten path. I took one wrong turn and fell through the level. And once I dropped from a short ledge and died. And they take control away from the player for some of the most insignificant reasons. I dont need a stumble animation every time I graze a wall.

KonaBro2975d ago

Has anyone heard of these guys before? I'm not calling conspiracy theory but you seem to notice a lot of these "sites" popping up giving UC3 and other high profile games low scores all of a sudden.

_Aarix_2975d ago

Really? I've maybe seen 2 low scores and a 7 is not bad at all. You guys need to accept criticism. The game was a step down from the second and it's not the greatest game in the universe.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2975d ago

That's the problem. People can't take any criticism on this site. They're biased to their beloved console and it affects their judgement. These guys go nuts if this game gets anything lower than a 9. Some have even called it the game of the decade. Everybody has their opinion and that's fine if they believe that, but also respect somebody else's like this reviewer.

kikizoo2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

" The game was a step down from the second and it's not the greatest game in the universe"

yeah, that's the reason why this game has more 10/10 than anything else (and why you can't take seriously 4,5 blogs who wants hits)

and like the other saying "what he is saying is true", it's not because you have found another guy (most of the time xfanboys, what a surprise) to think like you, that is true...the reality is on the 90% opinion (players and reviews) not 5% worst reviews or 5% 11/10 :)

@gam3rsincebirth : yeah, just check the reactions and agree/disagree, when people are saying real negatives things about halo, or others xbox exclusives, who don't have the quality of that title (probably mutli award winner, like uc2)....desperate xbox fans don't accept a single critic to 8/10 games, but don't want people to defend the best games, and are the first to downaply them, even if they can play them, it's really funny.

morganfell2975d ago


No, you are incorrect.

People do not like other persons disagreeing with their opinion. I am one of those....and you are one of those.

You really couldn't stand Uncharted 3 possibly winning GOTY.

You had a fit.

As much as others defend the game you tore holes in it. While you acknowledged it was a good game you could not stomach the thought that someone thought it was better than Skyrim, Batman, or Portal 2.

And you are definitely and undeniably biased toward the 360. I am biased as well. The difference is I do not deny it. Especially in the light of blatant proof concerning both our tastes.

NukaCola2975d ago

The cons are laughable.

"Plays it safe" (Halo Anny got a 7/10 and the same con.

I don't even know what it means. here is the cons making it a 7 to this site.

•Plays it too safe
•Platforming is far too linear
•The enemy AI isn’t very good
•Some balance issues with the multiplayer
•Overly scripted nature limits gameplay options, and hinders replayability

Some balance issue with MP, Linear, scripted...
...COD MW3 got an 8/10 BTW way.

It's not a friggin CON when you attack a style of gameplay. The same as LBP2 having 'too much variety'. That is just completely out of control. Not that this site matters anyway. They are a blog more with ads all over their site than a legit gaming media outlet.

Lovable2975d ago

Well that's their opinion. I guess they don't like being restricted by scripted cutscenes and stuff.

plmkoh2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Whilst I understand that it's easy to critise a linear game for limiting the choices of gameplay, applying this to Uncharted 3 as if it's a con is a bit naive.

A lot of the scenes allows you to fight the way you want to from climbing up to higher ground, to stealthing, to taking potshots from afar or just getting in there with a shotgun. That's 4 styles of immediate gameplay in just one "linear" scene. So I fail to see where the limiting gameplay is, really does leave me thinking we weren't playing the same game.

In fact Uncharted 3 isn't even a great example of when "linear" gameplay becomes obnoxious (if it even is at all), CoD for example gets to the point that you have to blow up a specific objective with a specific pick-up weapon that you only see once in the whole game before being allowed to proceed.

With all due respect, they have a right to their opinion, well done on identifying Uncharted 3 as linear...but you've pretty much missed out the point of this style of game.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2975d ago


He said the platforming was linear not the scenarios. We all know there numerous ways to tackle the enemies but traversal is linear and exploration is usually met with dropping to your death (even if it's only 2 feet). Like that desert walking scene. I know what they were trying to do with it but they failed. It was supposed to make you feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the desert you would have to walk but the second you try to go over the sand mound an invisible wall guides you back to where the game wants you to go. And thus you're just stuck there for a few mins holding forward while Drake limps along at 1.5mph. It just felt prolonged and boring.

Knushwood Butt2975d ago

A lot of the chase scenes were pretty tedious to be honest, and just trial and error.

Take the wrong route > die > start again from a few seconds back > take the right route > take a wrong route after that > die > start again from a few seconds back > repeat until sequence is over...

Logic_1012975d ago Show
jg4xchamp2974d ago

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Review: By wasdie

Uncharted 3 review: by jg4xchamp

There is your difference in scores. Different reviewers. I didn't play Modern Warfare 3. I didn't score Modern Warfare 3.

I gave it a 7, because I thought it was a good game. I just didn't think it was a great game. Now if you think some of my arguments against the game are wrong, or not as big as I make them out to be. Please be my guest. I'll gladly defend my case :]

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TheIneffableBob2975d ago

I know these guys. They're a small gaming community that I used to be a part of. They're pretty reasonable guys with respectable opinions. But I haven't read their reviews (didn't even know they started up a website) so I don't know what the quality is like.

RavensmashSK2974d ago

I'm a contributor and yes we do try to be fair.

It's still early days but I'm shocked at the outrage a personal opinion causes on N4G...(a good opinion too!)

The same people on this site who attack the score/site name/other irrelevant stuff for disagreeing with them, are the same people who are crying about games journalism being ridiculous.

But I feel a reviewer isn't allowed to vary from the percieved norm or metacritic average without expecting a bunch of people jumping to conclusions.

As for the 7/10, we're trying to really use the full point scale here. 7/10 is a good score, and it reeks of insecurity that it's been jumped on.

It's sad tbh

RavensmashSK2974d ago


Ever think that might because they're a relatively young site? :/

And a 7 is not a 'low' score, unless your 1-10 scale begins at 5 for some reason.

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Hicken2975d ago

I figured I'd at least give the little preface a review. After reading it, it pretty much confirmed my expectations.

You can't compare a sports team to a video game, not in the sense he tried (and failed) to do.

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