User Interface PS Vita much faster than the XMB!

The XMB on our PlayStation 3 is pretty slow when in-game, but the user interface for the PlayStation Vita, speed things up. It even doesn't take one second!

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joeyisback2703d ago

wish they would redo ps3 xmb to this

justRonald2703d ago

Guess that's impossible with touch-screen on it... It needs to be very easy to handle, that's why you even got a simple turorial mode on it.

yesmynameissumo2703d ago

This UI looks like a good fit for Move and easy enough to maneuver with an analog stick. I wouldn't be shocked if they updated the PS3 XMB to this or something similar to have a seamless experience between devices.

ZombieAssassin2703d ago

I don't really think they need to redo the XMB but they should only have it load certain things while in games since you can barely use anything (sign in/out, friends lists, messages, trophies, and the like 2 accessory settings you can mess with). I'm pretty sure that would help with the load times...doubt it'll ever happen but I don't get why.

sinncross2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

How about this for an idea then... bring this to the PS3 and bring the XMB to the PSV, and allow users to be able to switch between both UI styles depending on what they want.

I assume Sony will allow this UI to be used with the directional pad (my Android Aquos phone allows both keypad and touch to use the UI). That way, both UIs can be used with both the keypad and Move/ touchscreen.

But of course, as an optional download off the PSN to give users choice.

christoph2032703d ago

The xmb isnt good, its quite functional but so boring and lifeless. Move on from it live area is much better and easier too use with touch

justRonald2703d ago

I hope that they just drop the XMB and find something new.

Knushwood Butt2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Pretty sure the PS3's issue is RAM / processing, not the interface itself.

The resources to run the XMB in-game are very limited, hence the slow speed.

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DigitalAnalog2703d ago

They've dedicated 128MB RAM for the XMB ALONE! The PS3 is unable to be that generous for it's XMB.

Shikoro2703d ago

Can you give me the link to the source of that? Haven't seen that untill now. :)

HeavenlySnipes2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

that everygame can handle ingame music

EDIT: Thats really f'n fast O_o

princeofthabay2703d ago

That's what i was wondering. I don't think its been confirmed or denied.

CloseSecond2703d ago

Improvement over the XMB but not much new for those who have used a tablet or smartphone over the past couple of years.

rezzah2703d ago

Phones and tablets are not the Vita, so why would they be compared to a gaming system when they are not even gaming handheld devices?

Me-Time2703d ago

Thumbs up!

I just saw a video "review" that had the reviewer wondering if the Vita would sell when it's competing against smartphones and the iPhone. It seems odd to be comparing them in most ways.

supremacy2703d ago

Obviously the vita packs more RAM than the ps3, so there is no use in bringing this up. Now...with this in mind one can only expect the Ps4 to exceed in areas where the Ps3 fell short. Simple.

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