TLR: Saints Row: The Third Review

KJ of TLR writes "There really is fun to be had in Saint’s Row 3, it certainly has its moments. With features and modes stripped though, it makes it difficult to give a full purchase recommendation."

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5119ent2984d ago

This game is a bit overrated

Animals_as_Leaders2984d ago

GTA IV is overrated. If anything this game is underrated.

bumnut2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

GTA 4 was hugely overrated, but SR3 just tries too hard to be stupid/funny, it ends up a little annoying for me.

I found Just Cause 2 to be more fun

Laxman2984d ago

3.5/5 is underrated for what this game offers and how much fun it is. I dont know how old you are, but back when I started gaming, it was all about having a good time. Something Saints Row The Third does better than most games ive played in the last few months.

5119ent2982d ago

i bet the game and there were no memorable chars

palaeomerus2984d ago

This website review is overrated too.

bacrec12983d ago

So disrespectful. How about about not leaving a comment next time troll.

The real Colombian2983d ago

Hahaha this dude took the time out to hate from his busy schedule. Thanks but next time don't stop measuring male strippers with your mouth just for the site, keep doin your job palaeomerous.