Is 'Skyward Sword' the Best 'Zelda' Game Ever?

That's the only question fans of the Nintendo series are asking as the latest version comes out.

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zerocrossing3143d ago

"Is 'Skyward Sword' the Best 'Zelda' Game Ever?"

Well if not it's a close 2nd.

Shnazzyone3143d ago

If it isn't it's at least in the top 3. I eagerly await the finale of this title. Then i'd make a real determination.

Right now, halfway in I'd rank it like this.

1. Windwaker
2. Skyward sword
3. OOT

Skip_Bayless3143d ago

1. Ocarina of Time
2. A Link to the Past
3. Windwaker
4. Skyward Sword

Shnazzyone3143d ago

I dunno, OOT is incredible because of how it defined the genre. Windwaker and Skyward sword innovated and improved the storytelling in ways OOT didn't Also OOT's story, while good, Is very simplistic compared to the tales in WW and SS.

As for 2D zelda games, I rank them in a separate list. I simply cannot compare a 2d and 3d LOZ title, their essentially totally different games.

SnipeySnake3142d ago

I love you. That's my list right there.

Tanir3143d ago

zelda games are getting old, wish they would take more risk, im glad they got rid of ganon, but gameplay needs to evolve, its still fun, but dang. give link new moves, let him level up and get neew abilities, augument weapons with fire/ice/wind etc or somethin, make armor actually count, have more interesting characters, maybe add another master sword wielder, someone who can be his rival.

game just needs to evolve already

Kamikaze1353143d ago

You're right. Zelda is fine as it is now, but it's getting a bit stale. Nothing has really changed besides graphics and a few tweaks here and there aside from the one major mechanic introduced in each game (time travel, sailing, transforming into a wolf, dropping from the sky, etc).

This is the reason Zelda games are hyped, but forgotten not long after they get released.

Shnazzyone3143d ago

Which zelda game has been forgotten again? Their pinnacles of intelligent and complex gaming. You might find it boring and stale because you havent the capabilitie to understand and work through logic puzzles. Those who claim it's stale and boring are typically people who simply unable to finish the games because they make them think too much.

pctrollv53143d ago

sorry dude, if am correcct everyone remembers very well the zelda titles. Nobody forgets them. Hell, not even the minish cap, made by CAPCOM is forgotten by fans. Sorry you havent played much of it and miss out on it cause you rather play COD, but if you played SS you would know the formula was changed and for the better

Kamikaze1353142d ago

@Shnazzyone and pctrollv5

I think you guys are taking what I said a bit too literally. Zelda games are hyped, but about a month after release, nobody ever mentions them again. No Zelda game as of late has brought anything to the table that's new and exciting. After OoT, they all practically have the same mechanics minus the one exclusive feature each game has as mentioned in my previous post.

Why is this? Because the Zelda series (unlike most of Nintendo's franchises) refuses to evolve into something more complex. It's like Nintendo are afraid to move Zelda forward. It's worked for Metroid and very well for Mario as well.

Shnazzyone3142d ago


Strange because now that Skyward sword is out suddenly I'm hearing people talk about it more then Skyrim and in overall positive and glowing terms. Perhaps some people have a hard time accepting when Nintendo really makes an incredible AAA title worth checking out.

Kamikaze1353142d ago


Nobody said that Nintendo did not create a "AAA" title, lol. All I'm saying is that the franchise is becoming stale and needs to evolve. Also, I said "not long after they get released". Give it a month or two and I bet you'll barely hear people talking about it outside of forums dedicated to the game.

Honestly, I haven't heard anybody mention Skyward Sword a few days after it launched. Skyrim discussions have been all over the place since it drastically outsold Skyward Sword, which is to be expected since much more people have played Skyrim.

SnipeySnake3142d ago

*sigh*...alright, give me an example of a sequel that changed drastically or added something that "wow'd" you. And explain to me exactly what they did.

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dark-hollow3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

" wish they would take more risk"
An honest question here, which franchise took the "risk" and changed for the better?
Am sure you can only name a couple.

By your logic, metal gear, resident evil, devil may cry, final fantasy etc are stale because each sequel is share most basic elements of the early games.

" give link new moves give link new moves, let him level up and get neew abilities, augument weapons with fire/ice/wind etc or somethin, make armor actually count, have more interesting characters, maybe add another master sword wielder, someone who can be his rival."

You truely havnt played all the zelda games from OOT to skyward sword if that is your complaint.

There is always unique elements and gameplay mechanics on zelda sequels while maintaining the franchise style, hince why they are SEQUELS (not direct sequels but you got what i meant)

megalonagyix3143d ago

Resident Evil? Hello? Did you played 4?

pctrollv53143d ago

oh i see, yuo want perks like in COD, to make the game unbalanced. Maybe give him ninja ability, with nuke? oh or maybe some daedric armor, you know like skyrim? thats not what zelda is about, and even after all these years it still manages to change and do things better than COD in EVERY...SINGLE...WAY...

V0LT3143d ago

there is no such thing as the best game ever.

HeavenlySnipes3143d ago

you should read the title more carefully

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