"Morning Wood" 1 of the Maps in Modern Warfare 3's First DLC?

The "Modern Prestige" website reports they have found the names of the maps for Modern Warfare 3's first DLC. Morning Wood being one of the new names.

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wwm0nkey2976d ago

I remember when I was in middle school.

Buzz7S2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Funny, because these are the same images I saw on Se7enSins, were it was first leaked.

Notice the blur in the bottom right?

SpaceFox2976d ago

If you take a close look at Modern Prestige's screenshots, you can see those cheeky bastards Photoshopped the "" watermark off the images and put their own.

Also LOL @ Morning Wood.

Fylus2976d ago

Are IW/SG that immature? The last time I got a kick out of that phrase was a little before my eleventh birthday.

matt19912976d ago

It seems like a easy way to get people talking about the maps.

Buzz7S2976d ago

They're catering to their fanbase.

Fylus2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

I'm "so serious" because Call of Duty is just letting itself become TOO casual with all these little gimmicks. I mean... How many marijuana references did there REALLY need to be in MW2? Blunt Trauma, Joint Ops, etc. We get it. It was annoying. They wanted to appeal to pothead teenagers, (which they must have assumed were the only people who played their games), and now that they know only children play them, they try to appeal to them. I guess that's just how marketing works. I apologize if that somehow offends you? It frustrates me.

dcortz20272976d ago

Nah, they are doing it for the lulz.

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