The Missing Link: Voice Acting in Video Games

There is a time for every activity under the sun. Many would survey the current gaming landscape and say that the time for fully-voiced video games is now. But there remains a stubborn few reluctant to recognise it, most notably Nintendo with its The Legend of Zelda series. With each generation of hardware a new Zelda title releases to widespread critical acclaim, and each time the question of the silent protagonist rears its ugly head. With the release of Skyward Sword, we again ask the question: when is it time for the hero to be silent, or has that time passed?

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rezzah3180d ago

Maybe they fear the possibility of voices affecting the game in a negative way. Or maybe sticking to no voices is a tradition that most enjoy as it has remained the same since the first game.

One day Devs might decide to add voices, how that will affect the game may be good and bad depending on the perceiver. It can add a deeper connection characters or might bring up feelings of distaste due to change and lack of tradition.

Pozzle3180d ago

I don't know...I think the the Legend of Zelda series has been voice-less for so long, that most fans wouldn't want Nintendo to suddenly add voices to the games. I don't know if I myself would ever want to hear Link with an actual voice. o.O

And it's not like the series is COMPELTELY voice-less. The characters still have voice-actors who make noises, so you can sort of guess what the characters sound like anyway.

CraigUK3180d ago

maybe they could rehire the voice actors from the cartoon.

3180d ago
axisofweevils3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

IGN seem to be really pushing for Zelda voice acting at the moment - this is the third article I've read about from them moaning about it.

To be honest, I don't think they need it. Look at how fans reacted to the whiney Samus in Metroid Other M - probably the reason Nintendo ignored the Metroid 25th Anniversary.

GupX19A3179d ago

Here's how I see it, Zelda with voice acting can work, but I still don't believe Link should speak. Something similar to how Suikoden IV and V were except then all the know-it-all critics will slam Nintendo for not giving Link a "personality".

Zelda series should stick to grunts and stuff. It works plus Nintendo hires bad voice actors.