Features Sony Can Implement to Help Gamers Get Excited for the Next Generation of Consoles

Yesterday, SCEE chief Jim Ryan told Eurogamer that “…we would consider it undesirable to be significantly later than the competition.” With Nintendo preparing Wii U for a 2012 release, it is looking like we may be seeing a PS4 — assuming they call it that– much sooner than we anticipated. Naturally, this news wasn’t well received by a subset of these here internets. Some people feel that, perhaps, we are not ready for another console. Afterall, what substantial improvements could the PS4 have over the PS3?

In typical game blog fashion, we have compiled a list of features that should help us justify the inevitable purchase of yet another console.

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NukaCola3142d ago

Teaser trailer or reveal that it's coming. Our imaginations will do the rest.

blumatt3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

The most important feature of a game console guessed it...the games! And Sony has taken care of business this generation on that front by buying up a bunch of first party studios (Media Molecule, etc.). There's no other console with as many high quality exclusives that came out this past year. (Not counting variations on Mario of course.)

However, after seeing what they've done with the Vita, I fully expect the PS4 to have cross game chat (voice/text), in-game music, and a party system. It'll also likely do multi-tasking and have some sort of App Store.

I hope the PS4 uses quad layer BR discs with 100GB capacity. I also hope you can buy your games either on disc or digitally via PSN. You choice. I'm assuming that'll be the case since the PS Vita has been confirmed to have day-and-date digital game releases.

I also hope the PS4 has at LEAST 4GB of RAM, hopefully 8GB, so that the in-game XMB won't be laggy at all. This will also easily allow for 1080p 60fps games, which is what we all want if possible. I think 1080p will be enough for some time until 4K TV sets come out in the next 5-10 years.

I hope the PS Move controllers remain compatible with the PS4. I hope the DualShock 3 continues to work on the PS4 as well. I hope the DualShock 4 remains pretty much the same as the DS3, as far as button layout.

A feature that would be cool is in-game recording and the ability to upload directly to Youtube your gameplay footage. And the ability to edit that footage before uploading it. Video editing would be a nice App for the PS4.

Yeah, we all know that Sony won't skimp on games. They don't do that. They know that exclusive games are better than timed-exclusive dlc. Simple as that.

That's something else I hope we DON'T see as much of next gen. Games having content stripped to make as dlc later on. It's ridiculous, expecially when the content is simply UNLOCKED from the disc with a small file patch. That's not right at all!!

modraikadabaka3142d ago

Sony will deliver on the games front. No doubt in my mind. :D

bozebo3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

4GB of RAM would be as bad as going for 512MB of RAM this gen though. There are already PC games that can use well over 3GB of RAM with none of that taken up for nice graphics (indie games) so 8GB should be the minimum to avoid any creative limitation, also there will be a lot more Voxel based engines in the future which require massive amounts of RAM. (I think Crytek made a mention of that somewhere and that they would like next gen consoles to have 8GB at least)

It will not be possible for them to provide recording in every game because it is an unreliable performance overhead (one big reason why developers like consoles is because there is a reliable amount of performance available), though they could make it part of the system utilities available for games to control so the developer can work with it rather than around it (they most likely wont, but they could easily presuming the PS4 runs a Linux based operating system which is almost guaranteed).

But game recording should always be done by the game developer because it can work at a packet-level which is hundreds of thousands of times more efficient than making a video file in run-time (like Fraps), then that saved packet record (like theatre mode in Reach or MW3) can be replayed in the engine when you aren't busy playing and made into a video file. GT5 does it perfectly - even upping the rendering quality because the input lag etc doesn't matter so it can go all out.

"until 4K TV sets come out in the next 5-10 years."
Why would 4K TV sets come out? You can't see individual pixels at the distance TVs are designed to be viewed at even with 50"+ 1080p screens (and people's living rooms aren't suddenly going to get larger in 5-10 years).

edit: disagrees because the word PC was in the 2nd line? morons.

Apotheosize3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )


8GB is NOT a necessity, thats not how consoles work. Current PC games dont even take up 4GB of DDR3. and thats with tons of background applications running and Windows.

Consoles can communicate more effectively with hardware because they have less things taking up resources, thats how current gen consoles can run games well on 512mb.

1 or 2gb of RAM would be a perfect amount, in no way would you *need* 8GB or even 4GB

jukins3142d ago

like apotheosize said consoles dont need as much ram as a high end PC. they're more efficient for gaming than PC's (not better just more efficient)

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gnvr3142d ago

wonder what it will be

SnakeCQC3142d ago

more ram in you flagship console so its not dwarfed by a handheld device!

ForROME3142d ago

IF they build a fluid UI\Robust Online Exp and a friendly hardware for Devs they will own

Things they failed on this Gen

beavis4play3142d ago

their online is fine AND free.
i definitely do NOT want them to go the MS route and try to make us pay.

ForROME3141d ago

They already have smart one - Plus + is just the start.

PS2 games free - they remove the hardware then start to charge for DL PS2 Games

PSN - 100% free then plus comes out as optional* for now; you will pay.

SONY cannot afford to just give a network out free forever they had to , to compete as theirs was not up to par, as it improves, it will cost

Its called Business and SONY is in the business to make money like any other.

Stop acting like they gave you your first born child

Killzone3Helghast3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I think we need to move away from disc based systems and back to cartridge(example:flash memory) much more efficient and waaaaaay faster not to mention I imagine they're a lot easier to produce

blumatt3142d ago

They're also WAAYY more expensive, though. Small flash cartridges for the Vita (around 4GB) are relatively cheap, BUT a 50GB flash drive for games would cost too much. That's why BluRay is used. Disc media is simply cheaper, albeit inferior speed-wise. It's fast enough though, and the 360 allows you to put your games on the harddrive so problem solved on that front.

I do think it would be cool if our games came on flash drives next gen though. That would be awesome!! However, like I said, it's most likely cost-prohibitive at this point in time. Go price a 50GB flash drive.

Here you go. This is just a 32GB drive and it's $30. Yeah, I know they'd be buying in bulk, but it would still be too expensive to use them, sadly.

kneon3142d ago

Actually a 12X bluray drive has read speed comparable to most flash cards, it's over 50MB/s. Now that is slightly misleading as optical media also has seek times to consider but the raw transfer rate is plenty fast.

But I'm not expecting a 12x drive in the PS4, probably an 8x as they will want to keep the cost down.

And as blumatt said, flash media is going to be far too expensive for quite a while yet. By the time the PS4 ships a 128gb bluray disk could be made for pennies per unit. For the math challenged that's the equivalent of 16 current Xbox DVDs. That's a lot of game :)

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