MW3 Hacked Lobbies “Addressed In Under 12 Hours!”

MP1st - It seems that a fix for the hacked/modded lobbies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been found, and rather quickly as well.

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chaldo2974d ago

Wow.. Faster this time.

I am surprised.

radphil2974d ago

Indeed. Glad to hear they were on top of it this time.

Siren302974d ago

at radphil

I guess the 2 people who disagree with you are not glad that their on top of it

radphil2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Apparently. I dunno if trolling is taken to a new level on this site or something.

bozebo2974d ago

"Unfortunately, as with many mega-popular titles such as Call of Duty, you’re bound to attract both good-willed players, and players who are in it to ruin the experience for the rest."

This ^

More serious hacks will likely make an appearance soon as people get a handle on reverse engineering the game, sadly.

Oschino19072974d ago

Well with an in game report system its not like they won't be made aware of it within hours and not weeks or months. I have reported mostly just boosters and exploiters but maybe 1-2 cheaters/hackers and wasn't sure so up to the mods to sort it out. Now if only I could report people from elite cause have found quite a few players who have very very suspicious stats and game logs (mostly all boosters imo). Although overall for the most part the leaderboards seem to be mostly legit for the first time since early on in cod4.

bozebo2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Being aware of it does not stop the game running on hardware in people's homes. It will always be hackable and will always be hacked at some point. It happens to every popular game; it just needs the attention of enough skilled hackers of which there are tens of thousands and lots of them will be into gaming. PS3 and 360 can both have custom code run on them while playing on PSN or XBL so it's just a matter of time, or somebody will reverse engineer the networking and man-in-the-middle it. BO, WaW and MW2 were quite bad for hackers because they were slightly more similar to older already-hacked software than MW3 is, the silence will only survive for a few months.

fooxy2974d ago

I'm pretty sure u don't even know wtf r u saying

MRHARDON2974d ago

“We had well over a 1000. Infinity Ward has years of experience with the biggest multiplayer game ever. I surely didn’t see bugs like I saw elsewhere”
-Glen Schofield

FourGees2974d ago

All games are hackable.
there are no bugs in MW3. At least none like the ones in the BF3 beta like falling under the map.(at least not for me)

Buzz7S2974d ago

MP1st has a weird fascination with MW3. One article, they are hating the game, the next, they are praising it.

Hufandpuf2974d ago

Where do they say they hate any game?

Jobesy2974d ago

Pretty obvious in the wording they use that they neither care for or play MW3. When its MW3 problems, the article has a negative vibe. When its BF3 problems the article is more hopeful and praising of DICE.

DarkZane2973d ago

They should have banned the people hosting those as well.

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