Weekly CryEngine 3 Gallery [November 20th - 26th]

DSOGaming writes: "PC graphics lovers, rejoice as today we have for you some brand new screenshots from some maps that are currently in development for Crysis 2. So, today we bring you some images from the work of shadowkiller, ReVan1199, [LSD]Timewarp82, Z_man, DURLI, the_grim and Wiktor"

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gypsygib3150d ago

Some screens look amazing, other parts look flat. Overall, I'm impressed.

GamerSciz3150d ago

I'm not. CryEngine3 shows that it sacrificed quite a bit to be on consoles. CryEngine2 with the original PC Crysis still looks loads better. Even in motion.

But still, if those screens are on console then yes I am impressed.

john23150d ago

Not on console. Those are from CryEngine 3 Editor from modders (which means that they are PC based)

gypsygib3149d ago

@ GamerSciz: The video didn't look nearly as good as that amazing picture, although it still looked good.

Anyways, the screens are from PC, consoels could never do that.

ninjahunter3150d ago

Now, if crysis 2 actually looked this good....