Battlefield 3 Player Banned For 72 Hours Over Using The Word “Badass”

"Battlefield 3 is a game where the presence of swear words has been implemented generously into the game."

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DFresh2977d ago

The lesson I learned from this is don't use the EA Forums or they'll ban you.


(You can pretty much get away with anything from cheating, boosting, hacking and cussing when playing EA games but as soon as you talk s*** on the forums you've gone too far. That makes perfect sense. Derp.)

Max Power2977d ago

I see your "derp" and raise your a "herp."

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snipes1012977d ago

It's ironic that in the first few minutes of the SP campaign for BF3 I heard the F word numerous times. Funny that the word "badass" would be help in such contempt.

Somebody2977d ago

Even high level characters in Borderland are called Badass

hiredhelp2977d ago

Well ive said more than the F Word on the BF on pc i can tell ya all the time, as for the forum i recomend few of you guys log into battlelog fourums no holds bard.

Scizz2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

What a badass.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2977d ago

I try not to swear... but many that's stupid lol.

execution172977d ago

on white knight chronicles you can say "badass" but "until or after" is censored out >.>

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The story is too old to be commented.