Should You Buy Minecraft? Yes

Kotaku: It's been playable for years, and has captured the imagination of millions of gamers around the world, but it's only now, in November 2011, that indie world-building sensation Minecraft has been officially "released". So it's only now, with a v1.0 after its name, that we feel safe enough to have this informal little pow-wow. A lot has changed since the game was about little more than building giant Final Fantasy characters.

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Elwenil2982d ago

I say yes, but it's not a game for everyone. The graphics are meaningless since there are more texture packs out there than you can shake a stick at, though I personally prefer the vanilla game most of the time. Minecraft is unique in the fact that in some ways it is limitless and in others very limited. It's how you deal with the limitations while building and digging in the endless world that make it so fun. Some people still don't get it though. Minecraft does take a little imagination, maybe a little basic engineering to build and a little thought on how to safely dig and build without exposing yourself to lava, huge falls, creepers, endermen, zombies, spiders and other dangers. It's like a fullsize world of Legos with dangers and a little magic thrown in. If that sounds appealing to you, then jump in. If not, then don't and go on playing games that do 90% of the thinking for you. I play both kinds but have fun with both and it's nice tp mix it up sometimes. Just my .02