Sony's Smash Bros. competitor all but confirmed, test images revealed

A senior level designer at SuperBot (rumored to be working on Sony's Smash Bros. "competitor") has posted images and messages to his Twitter account that all but confirm the project.

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NukaCola2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

This is still a ball of confusion. Excited and confused!

EDIT: Dear Sony,
I don't care if there is Move support but for the love of god, son't make this a move mini waggle fighter. This is your chance to really blow us a away.

Abash2976d ago

Sweet Tooth looks so damn awesome, Im going to main him

blumatt2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

This is gonna be awesome! Sony's got a huge stable of first party studios all with iconic game characters just waiting to be released on one game to fight each other. I'll definitely be picking this up!!! Imagine Kratos vs. Sackboy!! hahaha

I used to play Smash Bros all the time on my buddy's N64. A Sony-branded Smash Bros. game would kick ass!!

UnSelf2976d ago

i could already envision the intro to the game:

a man in a dark hallway quietly paces himself down a poorly lit corridor which opens up into a room wit very little lighting. he continues to creep along until he sees a shiny blue treasure glistening on top of a podium.

he goes to picks up the treasure when all of a sudden the entire room is lit up by the torches along the walls. the man is suddenly visible and we learn that its Eddie Raja who suddenly turns around a to see a smiling Sulley flicking a lighter up and down.

all of a sudden Drake snatches the treasure off of the podium, which then skyrockets both him and Raja to a higher arena like collesium. We see ropes from above shoot down. 14 Helghast lands and Raja and Drake start taking them out one by one. As they fight the Helghast and each other, the treasure is hit out of Drakes hand by a flying arrow.

Twing Twang sits high in a far tree and waves coyly at them. Drake continues to scramble for the treasure when it all of a sudden stops rolling as if hitting something invisible. The invisible wall materializes into Radecs foot. He picks up the blue treasure nods and takes off in a jetpack. Rico and Sevchinko intercepts him in midair, hitting the treasure out of his hand.

The treasure now suspended in midair, is about to be grabbed by Sev until a laserwhip grabs it. The lasership powered by Ratchets gun, now reels in the blue treasure, which then another metal chain grabs his whip.

Clank now latches himself on to Ratchets back and transforms into a powerful rotor to help him reel it in from Narikos grasp. Nariko launches a blade at Ratchet and Ratchet fires a powerful shot at her. Knocking them both down. Remaining Helghast all rush for the treasure until an Ionic Storm eradicates all of em. A smiling Cole McGrath picks up the treasure and tries to absorb it and faints....

The stadium shakes and 4 earth shaking Colossi emerge from the grounds.

Drake, Cole, Nariko, Ratchet and Raja all on the ground just starting to wake are mortified by the sudden sight of these beasts. as the beasts approach them, the shadow of a single leg can be seen standing over Drake. He scoffs, then chuckles as the camera pans up from the back of Kratos' legs up to his head as he slowly unsheaths his blades from his back while facing the Colossi....

Sony Smash Brothers

end intro

sikbeta2976d ago

OMG! OMG! OMG! So awesome!

iChii2976d ago

They better have Jak as a character, I love me some Jak.


"i could already envision the intro to the game:"

Me too. "TO MICHAEL!"

MaxXAttaxX2975d ago

Why do they have to compete? They're in two completely different systems.

[on topic]
I hope this isn't a Move game.

2975d ago
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-Alpha2976d ago

^ That's what I really fear. That it isn't some mega game, but some Move game like PlayStation Move Heroes

Cautiously optimistic, but I can't help but go overboard at the thought

2976d ago
DarthBigE2975d ago

he did say R2 is some special attack...move has no R2 button

fr0sty2975d ago

I hope it does support the move, even dual moves. You know good and well that Sony wouldn't remove classic controls from a game like this though. They have always gave us the option with the games that would allow for it easily. A fighting game is one of those types of games. It was born on the classic controller and I just don't see Sony leaving the non-move owners out (that's a lot of potential sales) by making it move only.

princejb1342976d ago

i would love to see nariko versus kratos
im assuming only sony first party characters are gonna be in it
my other concern is will it be a 3d game or 2d platform like smash brothers

WhiteLightning2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

"im assuming only sony first party characters are gonna be in it"

Well you never know, they could get a few MP characters here and there.

Maybe they could get Lara Croft since she used to be a Sony first part character or maybe Gordon Freeman with Sonys new relationship with Valve.

Why o why2976d ago

snake will make an appearance I'm sure. maybe one of the assassin creeds dudes. who knows. I'm sure Sony won't limit themselves to 1st party characters even though there's more than enough to fill roster

KUV19772976d ago

What all the others said PLUS SONY still owns all the rights to Heavenly Sword, so if they want to, Nariko and Kai wouldn't be a problem at all.

turgore2976d ago

nah. they can easily add third party guest characters like snake (hell, nintendo did it !)

princejb1342975d ago

@ turgore

yes turgore nintendo did it but it took 3 games to do it and get the permission to do it

is not enough just wanting to add it, they have to get permission from third party licensed characters

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Berserk2976d ago

Who will be able to beat him in CQC?

Micro_Sony2976d ago

Dear Sony

Please do not make this game a casual game like Smash Bros.

I want to see sweet tooth vs Kratos and not Sack Boy vs Rachet.

I would also like some blood and gore.

Kind regards
Your #1 fan

Optical_Matrix2976d ago

LOOOOOL Smash Bros. a casual game? Go and fight a tournament level player then come back.

I wonder when Sony will reveal this? THey have a reveal for JUMP Festa supposedly so no doubt there I'd assume.

rexbolt2976d ago

that game would e cooooorny yuck lae ur a crappy gamer lol

papashango2976d ago

lol since when was smash bros casual?

I know some cs players going on 10 years that picked up a wii strictly for smash bros.

multipayer2975d ago

The charm of a smash bros type game is completely lost on Micro_Sony.

I hope sony would boast play, create share for this game too.

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showtimefolks2976d ago

I think it's safe to say as long as this is not a move only title we could really have something special. Kratos vs sack boy lol

Killzone helgast
Killzone 3 that skinny guy I want to beat him up
Snake or big boss
Character from yakuza
The guy from shadow of the closouses

If done right Sony could actually make some extremely special. And how about some characters from GTA which were first exclusives on ps2.

And instead of just Sony how about some other 3rd party characters either on disk or as dlc who really helped the growing process of playstation brand.

Few characters Rockstar games

Other than that can not wait till either GDC or most likely E3.

Let me ask you guys something since this is a fighting game would you rather be it rated M and have a lot of gore or more rated T? I rather have rather M and get some blood like mortal kombat. If not than Sony should do some along with line of MVP art style

Jak hd collection
Last guardian
Launch of ps vita
Possibly ratchet hd collection for fall 2012
Twisted metal

So if they add few more to that list I will be happy alo with manyother gamers

Ares902976d ago

I think many are wondering "how sackboy will fight?"
I would like him to have a kirby-like ability

A-Glorious-Dawn2976d ago


His moves could be creation based. like pop it attacks, turning the level itself against you

ZeroX98762975d ago

3rd party character..... Cloud and Sephiroth???!?!?!?!?!

Spitfire_Riggz2976d ago

7.New Sony Playstation commercial vaguely foreshadowing our soon to be announced title –

This tweet pretty much confirms it!! This youtube vid is for the Michael long live play. So it represents a place where all of sonys characters get together =DDD

Are_The_MaDNess2975d ago

the full version of that has been out for a while

StraightPath2976d ago

It got lot to live upto if they want a good clone of smash bros with sony characters.

DirtyLary2975d ago

Can't wait. Please don't be a disappointment like Socom 4 was.

Kalowest2975d ago

I not hyped for this game for some reason.

princejb1342975d ago

all im thinking about is ratchet and clank versus jak and daxter, i remember these games first came out around the same time period with posters and advertisements everywhere

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NukaCola2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Character: Kevin Butler

Level: Back of a Colossi moving in real time

Item: Sharpshooter (Equivelant to Super Smash Scope)

lorianguy2976d ago

Character: Crash Bandicoot

Level: Rail grinding like in Ratchet and Clank.

Item: Kevin Butler's Firework Collection.

consolez_FTW2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

I wouldn't mind..

Character: Kratos

Level: Mount Olympus..or on the back of a titan or something.

Item: The weapons in GOW3.

Can't wait for this! hopefully they do it right and make it as fun as Super smash bros.

SweatyFlorida2976d ago

Character: Ostrava or Biorr or the main Knight on the cover from Demon Souls

Level: World 3-2 from Demon Souls

Item: Perhaps have access to some iconic weapons from the game, like Large Sword of Moonlight, or North Regalia/Blueblood sword, aside the characters main weapons of course.

Would love if Demon Souls was apart of this game. The style of the characters and weapons match perfectly for a fighting game.

trenso12976d ago

Character: Lightning

Level:Orphans Cradle

Item:Thundaga bomb

Kennytaur2976d ago

Character: Kat, from Gravity Daze.

Level: The train in UC2, while moving

Item: Bullseye, from Resistance.

And I'd like to see a fight between Nathan Drake and Sweettooth.

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Relientk772976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

I am happy that this game is basically confirmed though. I was skeptical if this game actually existed.

Picture 3 is my favorite cuz I have no idea what it is lol

I guess we can say Sweet Tooth is in the game now (from the 2nd pic)

Infernostew2976d ago

1st image could possibly be Nariko too.

Relientk772976d ago

Oh that is true. I was thinking Lara Croft from Tomb Raider lol

Parapraxis2976d ago

Both of them have great boobies.

SixZeroFour2976d ago

if you look at the text in the 3rd pic, it also mentions kratos

WildArmed2976d ago

yeah Sweet Tooth and Kratos.. probably dueling it out and it was soo epic that the rendering effed up haha

Hicken2976d ago

I lost brain cells to that past pic, but I'll lose em again cuz it was awesome.

iamtehpwn2976d ago

I wonder if any third party characters will be in this game. I'd love to see Cloud Strife, Squall or Any Final Fantasy Lead and Snake from MGS which respite third party, have really helped shape the playstation brand since the PS1 days.

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