Fighting games haven't changed enough - Team Ninja

Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi says that the recent revival of the fighting genre is great, but things haven't changed much.
"To be completely honest, after Dead or Alive 4 we weren't sure what the future was going to be. We were trying to think of something new, but we weren't getting any ideas of what to do for 5," he told Siliconera candidly.

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urwifeminder2983d ago

Gameplay on all games hasnt evolved much graphics just get better otherwise its the same stuff over and over.

Boody-Bandit2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Team Ninja?
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, be quiet.
Let the grown ups talk. Most genres are doing nothing new but they are still, unlike you, relevant in gaming. Dead or Alive has been MIA since what feels like forever.

IMHO the Dead or Alive series is okay for shits and giggles and goggling at jiggly bouncing boobies. Other than that is was a nice little diversion to take break between the main players like Tekkens, Streetfighter, Soul Calibur, Virtua, MvsC, Mortal Kombat, etc...

For me the Dead or Alive was more like Bloody Roar level of fighting or at the very least after all the ones I listed above.

If anything they should be grateful that Capcom brought out SFIV because that is what appears to have given the fighting genre breath again. I wish more genres would make a come back and over take shooters and the lead genre. Shooters are really starting to get stale. They are so over saturated.

What I want as a fighting fan is for MS to wake the f*ck up and have Rare make a new Killer Instinct.

TopDudeMan2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I think team ninja are still relevant. I loved ninja gaiden sigma 2. That game was badass.

And they're right... Go way back to street fighter 1 and compare it to SSFIV and really they haven't changed much.

I don't think they need to change, because, well mortal kombat is all I need to say to support my argument.

Tanir2982d ago

honestly, tekken sucks, the gameplay is so stiff and slow, i press the button and it reacts like 2 seconds later, its horrible, and tekken does feel the same since part 1 and its sad.

DOA is a fun game, it has depth aswell, they just need to make counters and throws weaker.

ugggh just played tekken tag 2 and its such a bad game. talk about restricting creative freedom in combos.

BuffMordecai2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

And I suppose you know more about creating games than them, psshh, what a joke. The only people that hate Team Ninja are ones that got their ass handed to them in the Ninja Gaiden games.

s45gr322982d ago

Well the fighting genre need a boost in terms of innovation. Is been ages since bushido blade and po

zero_cool2982d ago

TBH...I actually wouldn't mind a new bloody roar with a set of both new & returning playable characters.Also thrown tag team modes with upto 3 vs 3,fully destructible & dynamic environments,full character customizations,tons of unlocks to earn more content ect...! buy it in a heart beat!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

zero_cool2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

This melee fighting game by sony looks pretty cool so far can't wait until sony gives us some updates on this game in the near future on the official us playstation blog!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

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