'Grand Theft Auto V needs to take a leaf out of Saints Row's book'

Mac Spain: Grand Theft Auto V needs to take a leaf out of Saints Row's book and stop taking itself so seriously. The vast majority of people I've spoken to say Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been their favourite in the series. If Rockstar extract its arcadey feel but update it with PS3 visuals and more forgiving gameplay, Rockstar could be looking at a Game of the Year.

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NukaCola3150d ago

I never heard the expression "taking a leaf out of a book." A page maybe but a leaf? Unless that's meant as another word for page.

Micro_Sony3150d ago

I really hope GTA 5 borrows some stuff from SR3.

I want GTA5 to have seamless singl player co-op where my m8 can drop in and out when ever.

I also like how the AI in SR does not have jump in a car with you and finds his own ride when he is following you.

I also like how in SR you have freedom to the entire map as soon as you start playing the game.

I also want to GTA5 to have limitless customization to vehicles and gear - I know R* wont make it that we can make our own character but I can live with that,

PirateThom3149d ago

A leaf is, basically, one sheet in a book, while a page would be a single side of a leaf.

NYC_Gamer3150d ago

R* does not need that over the top silly stuff.they have proven that there is room for a mature sand box game.

LOGICWINS3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

@NYCGamer- Every time theres an article that suggests that SR does somethg better than GTA, u post a negative comment towards SR.

U have the right to ur opinion, but the fact that u do it so often is odd to me. U must have had a REALLY bad experience with SR. To me, San Andreas is STILL the best open world game I've ever played...but the SR franchise isn't a slouch IMO.

GTA could very well take some pointers from SR. For example, SR lets you warp to land if your in the ocean and you don't feel like swimming 3 miles to the closest piece of land. Also, in SR, if a cop opens the door of your car...its not AUTOMATICALLY game over.

HeavenlySnipes3150d ago

you went through all that trouble just to call him out lol.

I agree with him though. No SR game is better than any GTA game after GTA3, R* should continue to do what they do. They are one of the best devs, with every title they make being highly rated, GTA, Bully, RDR, LA Noire are all hits.

LOGICWINS3150d ago

"Its amazing
you went through all that trouble just to call him out lol."

LOLOL, I knew that comment was coming. I wouldn't call taking two minutes searching a comment history for evidence to an argument "trouble", but hey, to each his own. The reason why comment histories exist is so that we can call others out on their b.s.

BattleTorn3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Honestly I bet you could do the same for me. I can't help but be outspoken about how much I dislike the direction SR has taken.

I simply don't like the "over-the-top" style.

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Intentions3150d ago

More like: GTA5 needs to take back the leaf which Saint row took a while ago, which made the game awesome.


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iNFAMOUZ13150d ago

stop trynna change rockstars baby, its fine the way it is, any fan knows this, i love gta no matter what, people cry foul when gta4 was released, why??? i loved it, and bet the next one will be even better, realism is good, FUN realism is better

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