PC/PS3 Combo

Nic from shares his PC/PS3 combo set up that allows him to enjoy the best from each gaming genre. "When I first set up my PlayStation I set it up in my living room and played it on my big screen TV. However, I quickly found myself either constantly flicking through my phone to reply to emails, running to my computer to respond to messages or going online to check things out between load screens. After a while I had enough (Well that and my girlfriend didn’t like me stealing the television, the computer and the internet from her all at once!). So I quickly relocated to my computer desk."

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fluffydelusions2570d ago

If you had to choose only 2 systems, PC/PS3 is best gaming combo out there IMO

NYC_Gamer2570d ago

i agree,because you won't miss out on much.

BattleAxe2570d ago

I've got the PC/PS3 setup, and I'm loving it. Once MS fully integrates XBOX LIVE into Windows 8, then there will be really no reason to own a 360 unless you can't afford a decent PC. My setup is better than the one in the picture. I've got a pic of my setup as my profile pic here on N4G.

Darkfocus2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

defiantly agree. The setup in the pic is pretty much my setup too except I've got 3 26" monitors. Been doing that since ps3 launched also sold my wii after dolphin became pretty much perfect and just started playing everything on dolphin with a wiimote synced through bluetooth, looks a million times better than the actual console.

edit:Also I own that exact acer monitor lol used to be my old monitor before I moved to 120hz(eyefinety tends to freeze with a 60hz monitor connected if you wanna run at 120hz unfortunatly)

ApplEaglElephant2570d ago

You will be playing most games exception of 1 or 2 a year with this combo.

HSx92570d ago

I got a Gaming PC, PS3 and Xbox, I prefer the PC and Xbox myself though.

morganfell2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Although I prefer my console gaming on the PS3, having all three and a PC is a boon. There are some titles on the 360 no gamer should be without.

Living room:

Mancave -


Falcon Quad GPU with 16TB Storage Unit:

Hauppauge Capture between 24in Samsung monitor (for capture work) and 42in 3D plasma:

Desktop for PC, 360, PS3 gaming:

2570d ago
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decrypt2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Well the PC has you covered on all the multiplats, plus it has most of the games that Microsoft claims as console exclusives. Lastly it can emulate the Wii in 1080p(Emulations goes as far any console or arcade machine in history aside the PS3 and Xbox 360). Hence it covers almost everything you need outside of Sony exclusives. Hence yea a combo of PC and PS3 is the best choice for any gamer.

Agent-862570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Instead of separate monitors, I have my gaming PC and PS3 hooked up to a 40" HDTV on my bedroom desk. I just use the remote to switch between inputs. Easy hook up, too: the PS3 comes out through the TV speakers and the PC has its own speaker system. I can game on the PS3 and still talk with friends on Teamspeak.

Oh, by the way, I'd like to welcome the author to the combo PC/PS3 club. I've been doing it for about 2 years now (got my PS3 once the Slim came out at $300). It truly is the best of both worlds. As decrypt said above, PC has the multiplats covered plus the PS3 has some great exclusives.

one2thr2570d ago

Same here, but I have both of them doing audio through the same 5.1 surround sound setup..... PS3/PC combo FTW!!!

Intentions2570d ago

Pretty nice.

Below is my set up:

Agent-862570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Nice one as well (really like that 2 level desk). Here is mine:

peowpeow2570d ago

I have 3 of those monitors (e2200HD?) :D

Can't show my setup as I'm away from home though

sGIBMBR2570d ago


I have the same monitor as you :) ... I got mine from Amazon.

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Hyperbomb692570d ago

Thats right. The only games you would miss out on are Halo,Gears and Forza but who cares...

kaveti66162570d ago

I would assume people who like Halo, Gears, Forza, Lost Odyssey, Alan Wake, and a few more might care.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2570d ago

HA! Who cares? You only named the best in their respected genre.

Hyperbomb692570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Then you would be spending 250 dollars just to play some subpar exclusives that everyone already forgot about. I mean if youre a hardcore Halo,Gears or Forza go for it. But PC can play alot of Xbox exclusives like L4D and ME1.

So youre saying Halo is the best FPS out there? I can play Halo 1 on PC that was pretty much the best in the series. Also who cares about Gears when I could play Uncharted on PS3. and Forza? That doesnt even come close to Gran Turismo.

Xbox is irrelevant.

NoobSessions2570d ago

Seeing as those games are quality games, have big fanbases, and have tons of replay value, Id say people care, including me.

kaveti66162570d ago

hyperbomb, we're not debating the quality of the exclusives.

If they exist and people want to play them, then there is some value to the 360.

hazardman2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Funny how its irrelevant, but leads the charge in best sold exclusives and multi platform games. Funny how the ps3 exclusives don't sell as as well as they should. but the Xbox 360 is irrelevant, right? anyway man best bet is to have all 3 consoles and a PC. I play mostly on my PS3 because I like their xclusives better, but no good game should be missed!

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MEsoJD2570d ago

Yeah that's my combo. PC I have steam and dolphin Wii emulator (for the few good games on that system). Then there's the ps3 with High quality exclusives.

RyuCloudStrife2570d ago

your an intelligent being I shall look up to you for this comment.

caperjim2570d ago

Im not sure how anyone could play on PS3/360 after playing on a decent PC. Even exclusives i find hard to play with all the jaggies and muddy textures.

Im presently playing Skyrim on PC with my 360 gamepad hooked up to a 55 inch LED TV. I couldnt imagine playing any other way.

limewax2569d ago

I can see why you would feel that way, But personally I just enjoy gaming no matter what system. My current game is arkham city on pc, but I just finished off skyward sword on a wii and SR3 on 360 as well. Sometimes I buy the console counterpart instead just so I can put it on for a quick mess around when friends are round.

The PC versions always look better yes but that doesn't eliminate the console version for me always, I guess really I pick the games I will feel most immersed in for PC so I can get full visuals and really go for it.

caperjim2569d ago

What i do miss about consoles is the social aspect of gaming. Sure you can play with friends on PC but it isnt as streamlined as consoles.

It may sound odd for a PC gamer to say but i look forward to microsofts re-launch of xbox live for windows. If the service means i can play xbox games with my console friends while still maintaining the graphical power of my PC hardware then im all for it. I would be more then happy to pay for the service.

ATi_Elite2569d ago

Actually it's a PC/PS3/Wii combo.

Every Gaming PC doubles as a Wii

*and when Windows 8 is released you can add Xbox 360 to that list*

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DonaldBeck2570d ago

pc/ps3 is the best combo you can get out there, hopping from god of war 3, to mass effect 1 (pc) is sweet.

ambientFLIER2569d ago

Um...actually PC/ps3/xbox is the best combo, technically.

Silly gameAr2570d ago

That's a pretty sweet setup.

Agent-862570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

It is nice, but I think its easier to just hook up the PC and PS3 to one HDTV. I have a 1080p 40" on my bedroom desk and can switch between the two with ease (just use the remote to change inputs). Having a huge screen in front of your face really increases the immersion. BF3 on this thing is truly amazing! Doesn't need to be 40" either; a 32" is a pretty sweet size as well and the prices are incredibly cheap these days (under $250).

nicfurlong2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I have a 40 ft cable that i can switch and plug into my 50 inch flat screen in my living room. But as I said, this was more about freeing up my TV and trying to keep everything at my desk. My main reason for going through my PC was that I wanted to use keyboard and mouse on the PS3. That and all audio goes through my 1 headset. (They are noise cancelling so I would have a hard time hearing ps3 when my pc headset is on.

not to mention part of why i love PC is my dual monitors. I can actually use my pc and my ps3 at the same time withthis set up without switching back and forth

Agent-862570d ago

@nicfurlong, no disagreements here. You have a nice setup. I was just saying it was easier to use one HDTV rather than two computer monitors. I also end up with a bigger screen in the process. Not only that, I have another added benefit: since it is also a TV, I can watch TV (like football on Sundays) while talking on Teamspeak with friends. I just kind of prefer the unified approach is all: one big monitor for gaming and TV in my room.

nicfurlong2570d ago

I get where your coming from, im just saying that the whole purpose for this was for me to be able to use my PC as easily as possible. Dual Monitors let me take advantage of Photoshop, website design, video editing, etc... when im not doing these things the 2nd monitor doesnt get used much so it made sense to tie my ps3 into it.

If i could afford it they would both be big screens :) lol

bozebo2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

A TV and 1 or 2 monitors is best :P

Sometimes you just need a monitor rather than a TV for computer stuff or certain games (counter strike) and the TV is perfect for distance viewing.

Liquid_Ocelot2570d ago

I'd take monitors over HDTV's simply for the fact that I'd like to have higher resolutions that today's TV's don't offer [yet].
Then again, a huge TV seems like a better choice at times so, it's a matter of choice depending what you're doing if you ask me.

omni_atlas2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

This is exactly what I do -- plugged in my PS3 & PC to my 40" 3D LED HDTV. The results are orgasmic, BF3 looks incredible, TF2 looks great. Try playing FSX (MS flight sim) with a head tracker (track IR) and you are fully immersed.

Liquid: check out the samsung tvs, they beat the sony's in resolution. I was shocked at how great the picture was when I connected my computer. You just have to adjust the sharpness (decrease it), and everything looks great.

Liquid_Ocelot2569d ago


Thanks for the tip brother, I will surely check them out.
Been eyeing one of those frame-less Samsung's for a while now, you just gave me another reason to pick one up over a Bravia.. and damn, I do love Bravias:)

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consolez_FTW2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

My HD6870 and phenom x4 965 gamingPC plus my PS3 nothing gets better than the PS3/PC combo. I got into PC gaming and built my first PC this May and I never miss out on anything anymore. Best combo ever!

..Besides some Xbox exclusives, which I can play at a friends house anyway.

_Aarix_2570d ago

It's funny how you talk about your pc wen your username praises consoles. Not a bad thing.

Software_Lover2570d ago

Um I have a better looking Pc/ps3/360 setup. All hooked up to one 1200p monitor by HDMI. Monitors are Maudio DSM3 monitors with a Behringer mixmon matrix. One Black hdmi 3 way switch box.

Panthers2570d ago

you should submit it as a story on this site. It seems everything gets approved.

Software_Lover2569d ago

Naaaaah. It's not that important to me. I'll just play in peace.