Xenoblade Chronicles Review: A Love Letter to the RPG That Changed My Life

I’ve never been a massive player of JRPGs, largely due to a lack of time I could invest in them. I flirted with Final Fantasy XIII, but found the plot confusing and the gameplay lacking, and gave up thirty hours in. But Xenoblade manages to keep you enveloped in its epic plot all the way to the rewarding ending by pacing itself and surprising you with the occasional twist.

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Shnazzyone2521d ago

I was deep into my copy... then skyward sword happened.

Optical_Matrix2521d ago

Speak to my Shnazzyone, is Xenoblade good?

Shnazzyone2521d ago

If you like a good JRPG... hell yeah. It has decent story the battle mode is fun and the world is simply gargantuan and open. It really is the first JRPG I've ever played that feels like it's a genuine upgrade to the formula of jrpg. You can warp to any place you've visited at any time, death does not lose progress and battles are not random in the least. The story elements have many cool upgrades. I was only 20 hours in when I got through but it is just a beautiful AAA Jrpg. Why I had to import it to play it boggles my mind. This should be here now.