Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Weekend Gets Massive Four Digit Queues

Some may be wondering just how anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic is, and while getting hard numbers is impossible, just trying to log into the beta today can give a rather clear idea of how many people want to try the upcoming MMORPG by Bioware.

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fluffydelusions2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Was following the beta over at neogaf and I saw some people in queue at around 3000. Crazy stuff but this is a stress test afaik. I hope the launch goes's only a few weeks away.

Abriael2522d ago

yeah It's mitigated a bit now because they opened a stream of new servers. It's REALLY a lot of people. Even more relevant if you count that they had to download a 20 gigs client.

DirtyLary2522d ago

Unimpressed. Simply a WOW clone with a SW cartoony skin.
Game didn't bring anything new to the genre.

Abriael2522d ago

Sorry, but you simply don't know what you're talking about. The game brings a LOT new to the genre. What about full fledged companions like they've never been done before? the way quests are handled is completely different too. And the list could go on. Sorry, you're simply wrong on many levels.

JsonHenry2522d ago

I played to around level 75-ish on WoW. And from what I played from the game so far I think it is a lot different. Story telling for one is light years ahead of WoW. Not to mention the way quests and class specific story lines are played out. And that is just from a couple hours played.

fluffydelusions2522d ago

The majority of people I talked to seemed to enjoy this game and don't really share the same viewpoint as yours.

Abriael2522d ago

yeah, same here. I'm guessing he's just a fanboy of another MMORPG that feels threatened.

DirtyLary2522d ago

Nope played em all. And like all of em, people get all excited and scream, best ever, wow killer, greatest mmo ect when a new game comes out... this isn't it. Feels like the genre is going backwards. Just a cash grab , like Star Trek was.

F2P under a year easily.

Vaud-Villian2520d ago

Definitely the most polished and cinematic MMO ever. Never felt like a grind in my beta testing and the flashpoints are simply amazing group content. I am amazed how bioware incorporated all the awesomeness of Mass Effect and Dragon Age into a spectacular game.

burgerman2522d ago

I agree. I was in the beta a few months ago. It's just like KOTOR but online. The "new" things are too little, too late.

This game should have come out three years ago. Then maybe it could have been different enough.

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Drabent2522d ago

I tried to download it but it stopped 3 times. The last time the download started over and didn't save any of the 11gb patch><...welp post me some vids on youtube guys /cry~

Tratious2522d ago

YAY it's today...damn I remember the last beta I had to wait thru 4500, 4600+ queues......:shudder:

Urmomlol2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

So I logged in five times this weekend and never had to wait for more than 50 people.

So either your research is inaccurate and awful, or you're just lying to get hits.


Panthers2522d ago

Its accurate. Just at certain times though. And not every server is that crowded.

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