Hong Kong gets pummeled by pre-orders for PS Vita

Pre-orders for the PlayStation Vita began today in Hong Kong, the second city to get access to the device, with all of the expected frenzy. Retail stores were mobbed, online stores were jammed, the government considered military quarantine of shopping districts -- you know, the usual.

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Beatboxtaun2521d ago

I have one pre-ordered. I have yet to pre-order my hubby's and time is only creeping up on me. While I'm stoked for its release, I just need to get on the ball.

jujubee882521d ago

Many of us need to get ready for the PS Vita, the games, etc. because the launch is just around the corner in Japan and Asia. From there, it is just a couple of weeks for the worldwide western launch of the PS Vita.

Bull5hifT2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

im getting mine imported and an ASUS Tranformer Prime champagne 64 GB version, ill have the highest portable tech available in less then a month, i feel amazing, all this and a 32GB vita stick and uncharted GA for less than $1,500

NEW-AGE2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Damn dude Im Disagree'ing cause im soo poor , im Envious .. Im gonna go cry in the Corner NAOW

Dante1122521d ago

I'll be sure to pick up one once it's released in the US.

fluffydelusions2521d ago

Same. I'll preorder one when the bundles start becoming available and determine which one I want.

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blackburn102521d ago

@ morgob. Um yeah I am guessing you haven't read this or all the other headlines about the VITA. People are MOBBING in Hong Kong to get it.Online retailers in Japan have already sold out their stocks of VITAS and memory cards in preorders. And you don't see it becoming a success? Why, because non gamers play Angry Birds for 20 minutes on the bus? Because it sold well because it cost pocket change? I am sorry but NEVER compare phone games with games like Batman AC and Uncharted. A 5/5 phone game is not the same as a 5/5 for UC3 no matter how you try to spin it. No one would buy a phone game if it costs over $10.00.

tigertron2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

If I pre-order the Vita will I get one of those girls? or all of them?

To have one sitting on my lap whilst I play the Uncharted is a nice thought.

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