Amazon's Borderlands 2 June 30th Release Date "Not Official"

Gearbox updates fans that Amazon's pre-order post for Borderlands 2 does not contain the official release date.

**Update: News originally posted with the June 30th date in mind, but later updated with Gearbox's comments **

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Kran2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Well of course it isn't. A lot of the time, Amazon tend to make guesses at dates ;P

lifesanrpg2519d ago

you'd be surprised how many people would believe it though.

Kran2519d ago

I don't think I would be. I mean I still don't believe the Wii U will be out by the summer ;P

palaeomerus2519d ago

I was hoping it would be out in February or at least by April.